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2018-08-25 02:50:08 UTC  

I have hope that even if most people aren't sympathetic to our cause atm, there's still plenty of growth potential out there. .

2018-08-25 02:51:00 UTC  

Yes, plenty of growth to be had. I still have some sort of feeling that the masses of our people have this silent sympathy with our views. It must be awoken.

2018-08-25 02:51:08 UTC  

And these are normie boomer types. The campaign people who got Dave Brat elected.

2018-08-25 02:51:09 UTC  

our message ought to be that we love this Country and we want to keep it the greatest Country in the world. one way to keep it that way is by making sure it remains a predominantly White COuntry, and English speaking country, a Christian country. there is a reason why everybody wants to move here. but then they get here and they want to change it.

2018-08-25 02:51:36 UTC  

@MrBland - VA pretty surprising to see tbh

2018-08-25 02:52:25 UTC  

It is an evolution that has been escalating

2018-08-25 02:52:44 UTC  

Yeah he caught on really fast though

2018-08-25 02:53:28 UTC  

Corey's campaign people, the local Tea Party, even the fairly libertarian Virginia Freedom Caucus...

2018-08-25 02:53:53 UTC  

@NITRODUBS Haha, that's like a reverse of what my friend and his GF went through. At one point she literally told him that "racism is a deal breaker", but now she's seen the light to some extent

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All are having these conversations about South Africa. I used the interest to share Jared Taylor's video on the topic.

2018-08-25 02:55:24 UTC  

Was pleasantly surprised to see the video shared rather than me banned lol

2018-08-25 02:56:25 UTC  

Why is it that we can have the "Black Sacramento police Department", "the Black Chicago Police Department" "The Black Salt Lake City Police Department" but what would happen if someone started the White Sacramento Police Department? ? oh boy i can already see the headlines.

2018-08-25 02:56:44 UTC  

@hbutzer0511 The Chinese are black now? 🤦🏻

2018-08-25 02:57:25 UTC  

I can't wait for that to backfire on the South African blacks when Chinese take all the jobs because they are twice as smart and more willing to work hard. 😂

2018-08-25 02:58:19 UTC  

@Grayson there are black unions too such as the Black Association of New Orleans Fire Fighters (who were promoted over whites for taking down monuments)

2018-08-25 02:59:22 UTC  

Black Congressional Caucus, NAACP, BET...the list goes on and on. It's ok for everyone but us to have an identity.

2018-08-25 02:59:35 UTC  

And orgs specifically setup to help ONLY their people.

2018-08-25 03:00:28 UTC  

this black guy came up to me at the gym the other day and said; "Hey you! Someone was saying that you are a white supremacist or somethin' !" i interrupted: " No i am not ! no desire to rule over anyone brah! I am a White Identitarian! how can i help ya?" he goes: " i want you to know that i think the Black lives matter movement is bullshit!! LOL I was like' "oh good that makes two of us then !LOL it was funny

2018-08-25 03:00:55 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD IE will be the cornerstone of white identity in the future of America

2018-08-25 03:01:08 UTC  

And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence

2018-08-25 03:01:22 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD is confirmed. The Chinese are now black.

2018-08-25 03:04:56 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD Do you think most non-whites are smart enough to understand what Identitarian even means? <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-08-25 03:05:35 UTC  

"it's that thing you all have been doing for decades, but we can't..."

2018-08-25 03:05:54 UTC  

@Goose Looking forward, what would be helpful would be some sort of white benefit society. The networking would have to be in place first, but a lot more people would advocate openly, (and even run in local elections) for white issues if they knew they could have employment opportunities afterwards

2018-08-25 03:08:09 UTC  

@Ben Rainsford - OH That is all about tearing away the fear associated with being pro-white.

2018-08-25 03:08:27 UTC  

Our ideas are bleeding out into normieland, let's keep doing what we're doing. It'll happen.

2018-08-25 03:08:55 UTC  

This won't be quick, we all know that, but we must keep pushing harder and harder as we are normalized more and more.

2018-08-25 03:09:12 UTC  

I know Im awesome

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Does anyone have any information about why the IE youtube was temporarily shut down?

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I would guess mass flagging by antifa

2018-08-25 03:18:51 UTC  

We need to fight fire with fire honestly

2018-08-25 03:19:06 UTC  

until something is done about censorship some other way

2018-08-25 03:19:16 UTC  

my issue with fire with fire in this instance is then we get into a culture of just shutting down everyone speech and i don't want that

2018-08-25 03:19:34 UTC  

I don't want to lose either

2018-08-25 03:19:38 UTC  

but "muh principles" have gotten us nowhere so far 😦

2018-08-25 03:23:12 UTC  

i'm going to be straight y'all...
in 2024 trump is going to form a super alliance with russia and dismantle the fed which will cause israel to declare war on us
you heard it here first, folks

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