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>IE's YouTube shut down

2018-08-25 03:49:37 UTC  

>Trump tweets about it next day

2018-08-25 03:49:48 UTC  

>IE channels suddenly reapprears

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I don't think it was solely about us 😅, BUT I absolutely think he takes note of us and what we say/do

2018-08-25 03:54:33 UTC  

There's no way he doesn't know about us

2018-08-25 03:54:41 UTC  

The Great White Hope

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i don't mean to indoctrinate you guys with Mormon Propaganda 😂 but i thought i would share these two quotes from two LDS Apostles with you guys. Pretty interesting and almost prophetic. When the Mormon Church - caving in to social pressure - change its doctrine in regard to the people of the African Race, 1/3 of the membership left the mainstream LDS Church and most of them became what we now know as "Fundamentalist Mormons" because they believe the doctrine should not be changed. A lot of these Fundamentalist Mormons live in 'communities" throughout Utah, Idaho and Arizona, and besides still practicing plural marriage, they don't allow non-white in their communities.

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@Deleted User The Mexican government literally complained to him about us. He knows, and I'm 100% sure he sides with us over them

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tucker likes IE
trump likes tucker
therefore trump likes IE

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((((changed its doctrine)))))

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right !??

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I'd be cautious about assuming how much public figures support IE

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@Salo Saloson party pooper lol

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It's hard to imagine any remotely pro-white figure hating us unless it's a personal vendetta

2018-08-25 04:08:17 UTC  

It's hard to imagine any pro-white figure in public office who would support us

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which is what tends to matter

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privately is a whole separate manner

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I mean one could argue that anyone supporting strict immigration policy, removal of illegal immigrants, a promotion of domestic industry, keeping America out of foreign conflicts, and supporting anti-drug policies would be in favor of maintaining traditional American culture

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These are all points that can be made (I personally have as well) in debates with others that are logical and don't trip any obvious warning signs

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And quite frankly, they are some of the most realistic goals that we should strive for in the near future

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Privately I think we have a lot more support than we'll ever get publicly

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Look at Tucker. He talks about all the same issues as us then adds a little "It's about culture not race and I'm egalitarian" bit at the end

2018-08-25 04:12:31 UTC  

At the end of the day, when one understands the basic concept of Identitarianism being not a "Us vs Them" mantra and instead just an "Us" policy, it's hard to really argue against it

2018-08-25 04:14:31 UTC  

I've had many conversations about this before, with even those that are on the left side of the spectrum, and when you point out that there is nothing wrong with white people being concerned about the various issues that face us, like blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc, do, they really can't say "No they can't" unless they want to outright admit anti-white thinking, which is fun to throw at them "Well then who's the real racist now?"

2018-08-25 04:22:25 UTC  

That's never stopped them before. They just redefine racism to suit their agenda

2018-08-25 04:23:53 UTC  

Ironically, in some sense yes

2018-08-25 04:23:57 UTC  

Yes, but not in the Dinesh D'Souza way

2018-08-25 04:24:07 UTC  

~~But please for the sake of my reputation don't quote me on that~~

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But yeah, when you're talking to other people about what you believe in, you've got to walk the tightrope in a sense. Go too light and you won't get your point across, but too heavy and then next thing you know you've got antifa knocking on your door

2018-08-25 04:27:48 UTC  

I tend to sound a lot like Tucker when I'm talking to ordinary republicans. Maybe a little extra emphasis of how demographics determine crime rates and voting patterns

2018-08-25 04:29:41 UTC  

Which is completely fine, as you can back those statements up with pure statistics.

2018-08-25 04:31:43 UTC  

There are many ways to argue for identitarianism

2018-08-25 04:31:52 UTC  

All roads lead to Rome

2018-08-25 04:36:50 UTC  

Me neither. Explain to me what Wilders syndrome is

2018-08-25 04:39:57 UTC  

Lol no. I'm no longer a shill for Israel

2018-08-25 04:41:29 UTC  

I've taken the red pill. Islam is our ally against Jewish terrorism, not the other way around