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2018-08-25 17:17:26 UTC  

South Africa is too hot to ignore

2018-08-25 17:17:39 UTC  

And Southern, for better or worse, is the face that people will attach to it

2018-08-25 17:17:46 UTC  

It really is. I wonder how this is going to turn

2018-08-25 17:18:03 UTC  

It'll be a storm for a week or so. Then it'll die down again.

2018-08-25 17:18:23 UTC  

the gov't can't back down. And the world won't support the whites there.

2018-08-25 17:18:31 UTC  

I wish I saved that photo!!! Apparently they are considering making Chinese citizens in Africa honorary blacks

2018-08-25 17:18:43 UTC  

I saw a screen cap from this news article

2018-08-25 17:18:55 UTC  

Because apparently Chinese people were hurt by Apartheid

2018-08-25 17:19:13 UTC  

They're considered honorary blacks because of their treatment under Apartheid, so... the Chinese are now 'black' under SA law

2018-08-25 17:19:29 UTC  

It'll be funny to see the country getting repo'd by the "black" Chinese

2018-08-25 17:19:31 UTC  

Oh so it already happened

2018-08-25 17:19:43 UTC  


2018-08-25 17:19:59 UTC  

Oh boy....they gonna get it now

2018-08-25 17:20:42 UTC  

They really know nothing and anything. They have NO IDEA how absolutely brutal Chinese people are

2018-08-25 17:49:00 UTC  

@Deleted User I'll send you that after I get to my computer, it's one of those red pills that often go under the radar a lot

2018-08-25 17:53:19 UTC  

@The Eternal Anglo would you send to me as well?

2018-08-25 17:57:21 UTC  

That's a red pill too hot to discuss here

2018-08-25 18:32:31 UTC  

Gents, we're going to win.

Keep chins up, and your eyes on the prize.

2018-08-25 18:34:44 UTC  

Here it is my guy @TV

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2018-08-25 19:05:21 UTC  

So, now how to go about drawing the connection between SA and the "browning of America" for normie friends?

2018-08-25 19:08:58 UTC  

So longtime wsj readers will know that the saturday essay is usually globalist garbage. Imagine my surprise to read this morning that "The rise of Nationalism might actually be a good thing"
The article is certainly not where we would want it to be, but this is progress of a kind

2018-08-25 19:16:34 UTC  

@Fox Maybe equating the horrible crimes Black commit here to the ones they do to SA, making the connection for them that "Blacks are like this everywhere it seems, but what if Blacks had the control of the whitehouse like they control the SA government?"

2018-08-25 19:21:39 UTC  


2018-08-25 19:22:48 UTC  

@Balbo I'll be glad when wsj is "hmm maybe democracy is dumb"

2018-08-25 19:27:15 UTC  

Just a reminder.... Phalanx. 😂

2018-08-25 19:43:25 UTC  

@The Eternal Anglo maybe also drawings some connections to Chicago and Detroit for examples?

2018-08-25 19:52:47 UTC  

Oh possibly. We could use some maps of how Blacks vote Democracy overwhelmingly, taking away the narrative that Democrats cause high crime from failed policies, but those who "vote overwhelmingly democrat" instead, which are the Blacks themselves

2018-08-25 19:59:31 UTC  

Here's another chart of partners vs stable marriage rate that might be a bit easier to read and has 3 different years surveyed

2018-08-25 20:00:41 UTC  
2018-08-25 20:03:07 UTC  

Also lads, I just got done with college orientation and it looks like I'm in for a year full of diversity

2018-08-25 20:05:52 UTC  

It will make you strong.

2018-08-25 20:06:22 UTC  

Either ignore everything you hear or believe the opposite.

2018-08-25 20:07:56 UTC  

Anybody else here been seeing the helm of awe pop up. Like I see normies wearing pendants of it and ppl with tattoos of it

2018-08-25 20:31:35 UTC  

Everyone please welcome our newest member @AWellesley769!

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@AWellesley769 Good to have you

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Welcome to I.E! @AWellesley769

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Good to be here thanks everyone.

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@AWellesley769 Nice avatar, Anglos Unite 💪