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2018-08-26 03:27:39 UTC  

In all seriousness the Wire might have Breaking Bad beat and it is right up there with the Sopranos for me.

2018-08-26 03:27:40 UTC  


2018-08-26 03:27:48 UTC  

>not watching Crime Scene Inquisition: Segmentum Solar

2018-08-26 03:28:09 UTC  

the Wire is a toss up with the sopranos for my favorite show.

2018-08-26 03:28:34 UTC  

the Sopranos is single-handedly responsible for my ability to fake a New Jersey accent

2018-08-26 03:28:56 UTC  

@Virgil dude we Sopranos post in NA server all the time get in some time

2018-08-26 03:29:03 UTC  

tbh i watched like first 3 seasons of breaking bad and couldnt finish it

2018-08-26 03:29:05 UTC  

terrible show

2018-08-26 03:29:11 UTC  

dont @ me

2018-08-26 03:29:18 UTC  

Sopranos is also responsible for making me being able to say 'Gabbagoo'

2018-08-26 03:29:22 UTC  

that feel when you watch the sopranos and copy tony's mannerisms.

2018-08-26 03:29:24 UTC  

Not sure if Chinese cartoons are valid to comment upon, but Overlord and Steins;Gate 0 are epic.

2018-08-26 03:29:44 UTC  

who _hasn't_ copied a character's voice/mannerisms from the Sopranos?

2018-08-26 03:30:04 UTC  

@Salo Saloson that's just my personality.

2018-08-26 03:30:25 UTC  

I unironically go full Italian American at times

2018-08-26 03:30:26 UTC  

Looks like he may have taken the video down..

2018-08-26 03:30:28 UTC  

Bill Nye is perfect for "hate watching".

2018-08-26 03:30:35 UTC  

Who saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer last night?

2018-08-26 03:30:42 UTC  

@Salo Saloson become who you are

2018-08-26 03:30:47 UTC  

Blackie the Vampire Slayer?

2018-08-26 03:30:59 UTC  

wait...the new one isn't out yet, right? nm

2018-08-26 03:31:15 UTC  

@Kingfish Might just do that sometime, I didn't know there were any Sopranos fans on there.

2018-08-26 03:31:33 UTC  

Cause Buffy is black in the new version. <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-08-26 03:32:08 UTC  

i go back and watch sopranos and everytime i find something new.

2018-08-26 03:32:19 UTC  

Man, Seventh Heaven was so wholesome yesterday

2018-08-26 03:32:42 UTC  

Yeah I just made it through the whole series a few days ago

2018-08-26 03:32:43 UTC  

There, i *censored* myself. 😒

2018-08-26 03:32:48 UTC  

@Deleted User what is your crazy theory?

2018-08-26 03:33:03 UTC  

It's a game theory @ThisIsChris

2018-08-26 03:33:29 UTC  

@Kingfish Is it very based, very redpilled?

2018-08-26 03:33:56 UTC  

Speaking of theories, anyone see Althype's video? JF was streaming it earlier

2018-08-26 03:34:18 UTC  

Second half of it was the most thorough slam dunk of richard spencer I've seen yet.

2018-08-26 03:35:10 UTC  

No, it seems.

2018-08-26 03:35:18 UTC  

any tv worth watching in the current year?

2018-08-26 03:35:41 UTC  

@Johnboy Tucker and, despite the bad show title, Pawn Stars

2018-08-26 03:36:09 UTC  

I've learned a surprising amount about how much things cost form that show

2018-08-26 03:36:25 UTC  

I don't even watch TV.

2018-08-26 03:36:54 UTC  

I do watch a lot of political/social stuff on YouTube, to be fair.

2018-08-26 03:36:58 UTC  

Step by Step @Johnboy

2018-08-26 03:37:04 UTC  

But no cable/satellite/tv.

2018-08-26 03:37:45 UTC  

Punky Brewster