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2018-08-26 06:33:56 UTC  

Question is does Dixie land consider Texas Dixie

2018-08-26 06:34:02 UTC  

I do

2018-08-26 06:34:09 UTC  

They seceded right?

2018-08-26 06:34:10 UTC  

I play.. they are of course imo

2018-08-26 06:34:12 UTC  

That makes the fit

2018-08-26 06:34:17 UTC  


2018-08-26 06:34:23 UTC  

Some will say southwestern

2018-08-26 06:34:35 UTC  

Arizona is also spiritually southern. Founded by southrons

2018-08-26 06:34:45 UTC  

That’s interesting

2018-08-26 06:34:48 UTC  

Cowboy culture

2018-08-26 06:35:01 UTC  

Yes there were some war of northern aggression battles fought in the western territories

2018-08-26 06:35:20 UTC  

Cool stuff

2018-08-26 06:35:20 UTC  

Boomers are starting to believe that almost all the cowboys were black and Mexican

2018-08-26 06:35:32 UTC  

Our history is under siege

2018-08-26 06:35:49 UTC  

I’m thinking less than 5 percent realistically

2018-08-26 06:35:56 UTC  

I’ve seen claims from 30-80

2018-08-26 06:36:05 UTC  

Southerners have been experiencing siege mentality about our own ancestors in a scale that white people elsewhere are only starting to go through

2018-08-26 06:36:29 UTC  

Cowboy culture should always be represented by John Wayne

2018-08-26 06:36:37 UTC  

Hey pilgrim

2018-08-26 06:37:04 UTC  

Idris Elba is the next true Cowboy

2018-08-26 06:37:32 UTC  


2018-08-26 06:38:16 UTC  

At least he's not James Bond

2018-08-26 06:39:05 UTC  

Other states have as much state nationalism as Texas? (Except Cali)

2018-08-26 06:39:06 UTC  

Every comment section announcing he said he won't play Bond was cat ladies fawning over him

2018-08-26 06:39:40 UTC

2018-08-26 06:39:46 UTC  

I'm just now finding out Idris isn't the next bond. one less attack on culture to worry about .

2018-08-26 06:39:57 UTC  

@Virgil DELETE

2018-08-26 06:40:00 UTC  

He’s already a cowboy whaaaaa?!?!?

2018-08-26 06:40:56 UTC  

I like that vest though

2018-08-26 06:41:31 UTC  

Its very English

2018-08-26 06:41:46 UTC

2018-08-26 06:42:26 UTC  

A rural farmer shared this on my feed today

2018-08-26 06:43:18 UTC  

Facebook pushes this stuff

2018-08-26 06:43:38 UTC  

Black cowboys, wtf I love civnat magic soil now

2018-08-26 06:43:50 UTC  

Yeah real cowboy. Just like nfl guys are actually tougher than navy seals

2018-08-26 06:44:35 UTC  

But... he rode a horse backwards

2018-08-26 06:45:03 UTC  

I always wonder if these guys playing a children's game for massive amounts of money have the audacity to take a knee in front of a veteran, face to face, during an anthem.

2018-08-26 06:45:06 UTC  

Showboat sports=tough
Riding range 1000 miles=wimp

2018-08-26 06:46:48 UTC  

Anyone can become a cowboy if they just assimilate hard enough

2018-08-26 06:47:23 UTC  

What pisses me off about the kneeling thing from the NFL, and a lot of the left's rhetoric I guess, is they say the US is institutionally racist and just hates black people while getting paid literal millions to play a game, or they hold political office

2018-08-26 06:47:35 UTC