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2018-08-27 18:28:08 UTC  

You can hold on the message and select copy text. Might them need to paste it somewhere to get rid of the extra stuff other than the email address.

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and "diverse approaches will increase confusion and lead to an increase in mistakes"

2018-08-27 18:29:53 UTC  

"One culture of care, don't let our diversity tear us down"

2018-08-27 18:30:13 UTC  

Actual quotes lol

2018-08-27 18:30:18 UTC  

Using their own terms against them. 👌

2018-08-27 18:31:31 UTC  

I suspect all the admins hate me, but using the right approach everyone is forced to be on board.

2018-08-27 18:34:31 UTC  

Everyone please welcome our newest member @Rabbidsith!

2018-08-27 18:34:33 UTC  

It may be small, but it is therapeutic for me and I hope it plants seeds for later. I take every opportunity I can to frame the language of "the narrative" in a negative context and ours in a positive.

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Utah is getting a lot of new members lately. HuWhite bastion of good people confirmed.

2018-08-27 18:36:58 UTC  

Indeed. This state is mostly white and I don't want to see that end.

2018-08-27 18:37:44 UTC  

People here are unfathomably polite to a degree that I have never seen in more "diverse" areas.

2018-08-27 18:37:45 UTC  

I have a lot of good memories in Utah, peak Implicity

2018-08-27 18:38:54 UTC  

Perhaps. I am not a Mormon. However, just so that you know, the church's influence is in considerable decline as of late.

2018-08-27 18:39:32 UTC  

Utah also has unparalleled natural beauty. National parks for days

2018-08-27 18:40:27 UTC  

Indeed. I went into the mountains about a month ago and I was stunned at the natural beauty. You know the 1950's advertisements about camping? The trees are perfectly triangular in that same fashion.

2018-08-27 18:41:49 UTC  

Fields of flowers as far as the eye can see, nearly vertical rock faces, and waterfalls just off the trail.

2018-08-27 18:42:18 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD It is very nice. If you've never been, I would recommend going there.

2018-08-27 18:43:22 UTC  

If you're into rock climbing, check out "God's thumb".

2018-08-27 18:43:30 UTC  

I lived in Utah for a few years as a kid. Beautiful state.

2018-08-27 18:43:56 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD Hopefully. I hope to move to the pacific Northwest soon though.

2018-08-27 18:44:14 UTC  

I'm sure liberals in that state will try and "diversify" it soon enough. 😑

2018-08-27 18:44:44 UTC  

They already are. They brought in a bunch of asshats from California. I have never seen more disrespectful people in my entire life.

2018-08-27 18:45:06 UTC  

*not that all people from cali are bad

2018-08-27 18:45:09 UTC  

As a transplant #NotAllCalifornians

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Why can't we have just ONE damned state to ourselves?????

2018-08-27 18:45:28 UTC  

I'm sure that all of you are wonderful.

2018-08-27 18:45:54 UTC  

Liberal family moving into Utah: “ we left Los Angeles because of the bad schools, and we love Utah. But it really could use some more diversity”

2018-08-27 18:46:08 UTC  

They can't leave us be, because we make the best areas anywhere.

2018-08-27 18:46:49 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD If we had one state to ourselves, we would be able to say "Hey! Look out how harmonious our State is. We don't have massive amounts of ethnic conflict. Funny how that works." 😉

2018-08-27 18:46:51 UTC  

Yea, they screw one area up with their idiocy, only to be forced out and screw up another one.

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2018-08-27 18:47:05 UTC  

@Sam Anderson On point exactly.

2018-08-27 18:48:10 UTC  

There are sooo many people at my school. Freshmen need to drop out already so there is no line for sushi...

2018-08-27 18:48:12 UTC  

I mean, Vermont/New Hampshire are safe and they are 95% white, so we already have examples, but they are pushing to diversify those states now too.

2018-08-27 18:48:56 UTC  

Indeed. The funny thing is that the libtards are going to say that the "diversification" of Utah is the cause of its growing economy.

2018-08-27 18:48:57 UTC  

No Vermont is governed by “european style socialists” and therefore is terrible duh Steven Crowder said so.

2018-08-27 18:49:46 UTC  

However, they forget that we have some of the best colleges in the entire nation.