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2018-08-27 21:28:04 UTC  

He's an idiot.

2018-08-27 21:28:39 UTC  

He's the single worst influence in the Utah GOP. He's a fossil that needs to be buried.

2018-08-27 21:29:48 UTC  

The GOP in this state has huge problems with being one of the last bastions of the Evangelical Conservative movement.

2018-08-27 21:30:04 UTC  

i've noticed many boomers are quite upset that trump caved to the left and lowered the flag again today.
goes to show you that appeasing the left does more harm than good

2018-08-27 21:30:19 UTC  

Their intolerance towards the Drug War and their lack of hard support for the 2nd amendment worries me.

2018-08-27 21:30:34 UTC  

I'd say that they are soft Republicans.

2018-08-27 21:30:48 UTC  

The worrying part about Utah is the high level of immigration.

2018-08-27 21:32:55 UTC  

I don't doubt Utah's allegiance in the 2018 elections. However, 2020 might be a toss up given the number of Libertarians in the State.

2018-08-27 21:34:52 UTC  

I doubt that it will flip Left. However, it might flip third party.

2018-08-27 21:35:41 UTC  

Of course, that's almost as bad as it flipping blue.

2018-08-27 21:36:00 UTC  

ffs. electoral math is horrible

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2018-08-27 21:37:56 UTC  

Idiots. The U.S. actually sent agents into the area to perform false flag attacks.

2018-08-27 21:39:02 UTC  

Why must we even be over there? We have done more harm to the middle east and in turn Europe than we have EVER helped. 😒

2018-08-27 21:39:07 UTC  

John McCains ghost won't rest til Syria is gone

2018-08-27 21:39:22 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD (((guess why)))

2018-08-27 21:40:19 UTC  

I saw on /pol/ that within a week a few days there might be another faked gas attack. We need to leave the Middle-east alone

2018-08-27 21:41:06 UTC  

Indeed. We need to get out of there.

2018-08-27 21:42:36 UTC  

@Rabbidsith Yea 👃 <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-08-27 21:43:44 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Yup. It's (((Our Greatest "Ally")))

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2018-08-27 21:44:06 UTC  

Let them start their own wars.

2018-08-27 21:44:23 UTC  

Indeed. Let them start their own wars and pay for their own wars.

2018-08-27 21:46:11 UTC  

Yup. Sounds good.

2018-08-27 21:46:57 UTC  

Careful not to gun post

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2018-08-27 21:47:05 UTC  

right thanks

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Whew lad

2018-08-27 21:47:36 UTC  

It's camera equipment 😅

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2018-08-27 21:48:25 UTC  

Why doest thou need a polaroid?

2018-08-27 21:49:22 UTC  

I wish I could afford the hard back.

2018-08-27 21:49:35 UTC  

@Roland I wish that I could afford that hard back.

2018-08-27 21:50:23 UTC  

Yeah, I'll probably just settle for the paperback.

2018-08-27 21:51:18 UTC  

It's a damn shame though. Maybe in 5 years when I am a wealthy professor.

2018-08-27 21:51:31 UTC  

Australia is hardcore have you guys heard of their dingo fence?

2018-08-27 21:51:46 UTC  

You mean the ocean?