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@Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids I mean in about a few thousand pieces most likely

2019-10-31 23:14:45 UTC  

Airplanes really aren't built to survive many kinds of impacts, which is why the in more gruesome crashes there tends to rarely be anything left of the plane

2019-10-31 23:15:38 UTC  

were you aware that the men who were said to have been flying those planes failed to learn how to pilot single engine planes while trying to learn to fly airplanes? were you also aware that the maneuvers that are claimed that the pilots performed with those planes would be almost impossible for americas best pilots, plus they defied the limitations of the aircraft themselves?

2019-10-31 23:17:51 UTC  

@Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids you do realise that a Boeing 767 during its prototype test flight managed to pull a full Lupe de Lupe? Granted the g force killed a few people in the process but as passenger airliners go the 767 has always been pretty nimble

2019-10-31 23:18:12 UTC  

not only that, but you cant fly that kind of plane parallel with the ground that low without crashing

2019-10-31 23:19:30 UTC  

and btw, what im telling you was also said by pilots who called bs on the whole thing

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Also you don't need a pilots License to crash a plane, the main steering of the plane is relatively simple to use, and because they had no intention of landing which tends to be the most difficult areas of piloting,

2019-10-31 23:20:10 UTC  

those men didnt even know how to fly an airplane

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a single engine plane is far simpler to pilot than a passenger jet

2019-10-31 23:22:16 UTC  

@Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids a planes control system is pretty basic in the air, and since all they intended to do is crash the thing they probably just directed it in the right direction, put the throttle to max and one thing led to another, and again, the main difficulty of flying comes from landing and launching

2019-10-31 23:22:39 UTC  

thats a major major over simplification

2019-10-31 23:22:53 UTC  

and not at all what happened

2019-10-31 23:23:11 UTC  

not even according to the official story

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@Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids ok well run me through exactly the procedures they took to turn the plane? I'm a little rusty on the subject

2019-10-31 23:25:04 UTC  

for another thing, planes already have an override system that is used from air traffic control towers that was installed just in case a plane gets highjacked, to take control of and land the plane

2019-10-31 23:26:18 UTC  

@Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids I'm fairly sure, that ground control doesn't possess a manual override over any planes, I've never heard of that kind of innovation

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they do

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@Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids no wait, I'm gonna have to ask for some reputable evidence on that

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do you really believe that a homeless man hiding in a cave in afganistan who was on dialysis, wanted by the government there, and in the surrounding countries too somehow coordinated a sucessful and sophisticated attack against a nation on the other side of the world with the most advanced defense systems in the world active?

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@Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids yeah just hold fire on that, I do need to see some evidence on ground control manual override systems

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@Abe Lover damn you really going at them tonight ain't you?

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I will neither confirm nor deny any of these statements as I know I'm on thin ice with admins and I'd like to stay here for a little longer

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michelle obama is a guy ??

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thats a new one

2019-10-31 23:34:20 UTC  

@Atlas the Friendly Robot It's been a thing for ages in conspiracy circles

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oh i see. i dont think i could beLIEve that one

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in regard to michelle obama, theres a video i could show you that explains why they think its a man

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I’m in voice

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She's actually a stapler

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Yes its a it until proven otherwise

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@BattlePod i cant disprove that

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She came to life one day when Obama was transformed from a dapper young man into a muslim from Kenya.

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@Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids so... Is there anything on these ground control manual plane overrides? It sounds like an interesting concept but I've not heard of something like that

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shes a clone of obama, they just switched the chromosome

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that is if the video hasnt been scrubbed

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Voice chat is dead why