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2018-08-28 14:31:54 UTC  

Tell us something we don't know. ^

2018-08-28 14:36:28 UTC  

Lmao remember that Spencer banner drop that said AIPAC is gay...

2018-08-28 14:37:01 UTC  

Much Woodford Reserve was consumed in the inception of that idea.

2018-08-28 14:37:49 UTC  

Ha, jokes on them. My eye sight is too bad to even read that sign. Ableists

2018-08-28 14:46:42 UTC  

Now what IS gay is that I have a flight with my cousin tomorrow at 10am and the military is like “cool story bro your cousin can leave base at 1600”.

2018-08-28 14:47:27 UTC  

Good ole Marine Corps and the green weenie

2018-08-28 14:47:44 UTC  

Wait. The president isn't real!? Has it been a hologram this WHOLE TIME!?

2018-08-28 14:48:29 UTC  

Nah fam its clearly Hitler’s ghost. It left John McCains body when he stopped being relevant.

2018-08-28 14:48:57 UTC  

And then it can move around to whoever you need it to this news cycle goy...

2018-08-28 14:50:19 UTC  

Whoa. So, then when a news source say things like "it doesn't matter if its true or not" they are undoubtedly telling me the truth? Thanks!

2018-08-28 14:50:43 UTC

2018-08-28 14:55:20 UTC  

Well if you think about it critically, which I know you alt right trolls are incapable of doing, Russia hacked the vote in Trumps favor and he STILL could not win the popular vote. There is absolutely no doubt that the Orange Idiot is not my president. Looking forward to him being impeached any day now.

2018-08-28 14:56:48 UTC  

1) he said bad things
2) ummm families a the boarders, sweetie
3) he is an orange supreemist

2018-08-28 15:02:21 UTC  

Any day now...

2018-08-28 15:04:34 UTC  

My favorite new line is "unindicted co-conspirator".
Proof? Cohen said that "he was told by an unidentified person who is running for an unidentified federal office to pay funds from an unidentified account to an unidentified individual for unnamed reasons." It's as clear as day.

2018-08-28 15:32:09 UTC  

I'm looking forward to hearing Theresa May walk back her endorsement of expropriation...

2018-08-28 15:38:12 UTC  

I bet she still pays that $50 million to the racist commies though.

2018-08-28 15:49:08 UTC  

Never liked Teresa May

2018-08-28 15:49:31 UTC  

Nope, she was a remainer.

2018-08-28 15:49:45 UTC  

Pray for me lads, A/C no longer works in the car, so now I've to drive in a 150 degree car in FL mfw

2018-08-28 15:50:01 UTC  


2018-08-28 15:55:20 UTC  

So I am looking to get some electrical work done; I thought I would check here first to see if there are any electrician IE members, or family/identitarian friends of IE members who are electricians in the Richmond Virginia area.

2018-08-28 16:04:31 UTC  

We have lots of electricians, but it's probably best to ask in your local server.

2018-08-28 16:16:27 UTC  

Good point, thanks

2018-08-28 16:35:33 UTC Couldn't post in white pills but still wanted to share

2018-08-28 17:05:00 UTC  

Rise up Evropa!

2018-08-28 17:08:21 UTC  

Hell ya!

2018-08-28 17:15:10 UTC  

@Bogl - CA Bshared this too

2018-08-28 17:18:06 UTC  

So I was reading up on the meaning of the Dragon's Eye symbology, does IE's color choices have any meaning or is it purely aesthetic?

2018-08-28 17:27:11 UTC  

They mention IE <:deye:359010025223618570> in the article as well.

2018-08-28 17:31:09 UTC  

*"Teal is a deep blue-green color often referred to as turquoise. Teal or turquoise represents, through the psychology of color, a recharging of spirits. Visually focusing on this color can bring feelings such as calmness or rejuvenation. This can be a helpful color when going through times of mental or physical stress. Teal can also help with decision making as it provides aid for clear and concise thinking."*

2018-08-28 17:33:37 UTC  

Seems like a pretty legit color for our current situation. 👌

2018-08-28 17:42:56 UTC  

Where's Patrick traveling that he's gonna take five days to get there? Is he afraid of planes?

2018-08-28 17:43:22 UTC  

Oh wait, never mind. Guess he's going somewhere for the weekend.

2018-08-28 17:49:06 UTC  

Patrick is running to own the libs

2018-08-28 17:58:30 UTC  

@Asa1117 Happy to have you aboard Asa!

2018-08-28 17:58:54 UTC  

Welcome @Asa1117 <:deye:359010025223618570>