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No same race relationships allowed

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You’re lucky if you both even know the same language

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State-mandated coal burning and oil drilling... 😑

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"According to your tax bracket and unemployment status De'Quan, you're actually entitled to *three* girl friends. Just fill out this form in triplicate"

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"Girl friend reform is a sorely neglected area of public policy. Redistribution should be focused on historically under privileged areas." - Congressman Wieselgoldensteinburg

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Really, when you think about it, (monogamous) marriage was the original Sherman Antitrust Act 🤓

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Divorce rate now days is appalling. How can we expect white people to have more children when many enter marriage with the idea that they get a do-over once they get bored?

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This latest generation seems to be doing better...

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The divorce rate is exaggerated

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It’s not 50%, it’s about 30%

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I suppose that's a lot better than I thought

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They use those stats to scare people haha

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Lol, I was scared. Probably inflated if a minority of people are serial divorcees

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Yeah a lot of people get 2-3 marriages

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My grandparents have been married 75 years. 96 and 94.

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Sorry just wanted to post this pic of my bird he looks really cute

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And my grandparents have been married 50 years I think

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Wow, that's awesome.

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Probably a dumb question, but when should I talk to my younger sister about this sort of stuff? She's going into seventh grade this year and is really intelligent for her age.

I guess my worry is that I'll be off at grad school the next couple years and she'll be dating a non-euro by the time I get back.

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It's highly unlikely of course, but I just worry

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By age 46, among those ever married 44.8% are divorced (at least once). Biggest bummer is that for racial categories whites are classified by what we're not, "non-black, non-Hispanic," thus lumping us in with jews, Arabs, Asians, etc.

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That is for boomers, obviously, so roughly half of gen X and millennials grew up in broken homes

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My main question with that one ^ is how do they define "partners"? Is serial monogamy equated with a one-night stand? Because I'll bet outcomes vary depending on factors like that.

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Imo serial monogamy is literally practice for divorce and thus the most dangerous romantic pattern to watch for.

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I assume that whether it be monogamous, or Polyamorous, each contributing member would be one partner

I mean, either way it's degenerate to have more than one partner in general, and the goal should always be marriage 👍

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Yea most of us fall short of that unfortunately. Even the good girls and guys are usually around 3 or 4 by the time they get married through dating alone.

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I wish I had known this stuff as a kid to be honest

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Person A enters marriage having had one sexual partner but 6 monogamous romantic relationships lasting 6 months or more each
Person B enters marriage with 6 sexual partners, one of whom was a monogamous relationship the rest of which were one one-night-stand per year for five years

One has practiced breaking up 6 times, the other only once. Different outcomes are almost guaranteed, no?

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That’s interesting

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There are at least 3 surveys done that show the more sexual partners the more likely the marriage is to fail, and the graph I have defines a stable marriage as only being together 5 years, which isn't long at all

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So the serial dater is more likely to divorce than someone who has a bunch of hookups?

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@William Russell that's my hypothesis, yes

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Makes sense

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But I'm sure there's a limit to it

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The second person is most likely more intelligent honestly

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The T-Swift hypothesis

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Hookups could turn into cheating if there were too many before marriage, idk what the threshhold would be

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I would assume that sexual promiscuity would have a difference than between purely emotional. non-sexual partners tbh, because the act of intercourse itself is a process that binds two people together. If someone dates 6 people and breaks up with them, and then marries up and has sex with That specific partner, it would be far more serious to that person.
in my opinion of course 👍