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Could we turn this into some PUA equivalent where you “chemical attack” the not super hot girl in order to make the hottie jealous?

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Sounds feasible... <:teehee:381917632359563264>

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Peak Low time preference

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Good morning I.E.

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Can we get all the whites out of South Africa and watch the country fall within a year? It'll be glorious.

2018-08-29 13:48:33 UTC  

> blacks
> philosophy

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Agreed. Living in close proximity to that many blegs is a bad idea.

2018-08-29 13:49:36 UTC  

Frame it in reverse, shouldnt we just get all the evil racist wypeepo out and watch the diversity enrich the place?

2018-08-29 13:49:47 UTC  

Agreeing with the left for all the wrong reasons.

2018-08-29 13:49:48 UTC  

What happened in the vid?

2018-08-29 13:50:09 UTC  

They chimped out about a test...

2018-08-29 13:50:17 UTC  

At school?

2018-08-29 13:50:23 UTC  

Yep. It was "too hard".

2018-08-29 13:50:25 UTC  

Isn't that the point of school?

2018-08-29 13:50:57 UTC  

Why am I even trying ti rationalize this.

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Not sure. ^

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Okay. Time to do real work now. Have a good day, goys.

2018-08-29 13:53:55 UTC  

>purposely does not get haircut

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>still gets confused as military

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Cannot help but give the fashy goy vibe

2018-08-29 13:54:23 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD @Sam Anderson I'm kind of on the fence. I obviously understand the impulse to pull them out of there, though it's not going to happen, but another part of me thinks that, when the full-scale conflict inevitably arrives, even though White losses would be tragic, I think we severely underestimate their potential. With their backs against the wall, I don't know... We may end up witnessing yet another great historical irony, which is that the first explicitly White state will be founded not in Europe or North America, but on the dark continent itself.

2018-08-29 13:56:08 UTC  

The *powers that be* would never allow an explicitly white state in Africa.

2018-08-29 13:56:17 UTC  

Haiti 2.0 if we did not evacuate

2018-08-29 13:56:41 UTC  

Imagine what would happen here and in Europe if they were allowed to be slaughtered. I don't know...

2018-08-29 13:56:48 UTC  

Yeah, at some point the blacks will exterminate the whites in SA, its only a matter of time now.

2018-08-29 13:58:08 UTC  

If Whites manage to achieve state power, yeah, they'll be massively outnumbered, and surrounded by hostile states, but you also have to remember that hatred of Whites is the only thing that unifies all of these disparate tribes. With the departure of Whites (into a White state in Africa), they'll go after each other.

2018-08-29 13:59:01 UTC  

nah, they'll go after the white state (either attacking it, or flooding it with enrichment)

2018-08-29 13:59:23 UTC  

They will never leave us alone.

2018-08-29 14:00:39 UTC  

That's why we have nifty things like walls, concertina wire, tank traps, and other means which I'll omit, given the forum.

2018-08-29 14:01:37 UTC  

Like I said, the initial outbreak of hostilities would be brutal, because the blacks still have a lot of the pre-1994 inventory left over, but once it runs out, and they're under embargo and sanctions, things could change cardinally.

2018-08-29 14:02:16 UTC  

I can't remember what Simon Roche said as far as numbers, but the loses will be catastrophic for whites (only like 20% survival I think it was).

2018-08-29 14:02:23 UTC  

The Whites that are still in SA have managed to get some effective security in place. Therefore the lower rate of murder. But the Black anger about the Whites has only grown.

2018-08-29 14:03:04 UTC  

@Sam Anderson That's another valid point. Private security outnumbers the army more than 5:1.

2018-08-29 14:04:04 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Yeah, as interesting and prescient as some of Van Rensburg's predictions were, I have to take 'em with a massive grain of salt. Not sure what the numbers would actually be.

2018-08-29 14:05:22 UTC  

@Sam Anderson The fact that the whites in SA have to live behind electric fences and change their routes home from school/work every day should tell them something...

2018-08-29 14:05:37 UTC  

That doesn't sound like a way I would want to live my life.

2018-08-29 14:06:17 UTC  

The fact that private security outnumbers the army 5:1 should tell them something as well.

2018-08-29 14:06:31 UTC  

They are basically prisoners in the country.