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2018-08-29 20:42:42 UTC  

New Mexico needs to impeach that judge.

2018-08-29 20:45:56 UTC  

And the feds already destroyed the compound..

2018-08-29 20:47:44 UTC  

It’s not permanent. They can still be indicted.

2018-08-29 20:49:11 UTC  

If they're actually informants, as they appear to be, then they'll delay and obfuscate until it's memory holed

2018-08-29 20:49:52 UTC  

All they have to do is out wait the do-nothing-public's attention span

2018-08-29 20:51:05 UTC  

And if not, the compound members will "flee"

2018-08-29 20:53:06 UTC  


2018-08-29 21:49:57 UTC  

I thought we let only furries in...

2018-08-29 21:50:30 UTC  

Furry Identitarianism fam

2018-08-29 21:54:23 UTC

2018-08-29 21:57:42 UTC  

LARPer: What are you?
Furry: I'm you, but stronger

2018-08-29 21:58:40 UTC

2018-08-29 21:59:44 UTC  

We should change our name to Identity Fvrropa

2018-08-29 22:02:23 UTC  

When are we going to start asking about the Furry question?

2018-08-29 22:05:36 UTC  

Furries are the ultimate expression of the Faustian man and the intergalactic , Spencerian, Nietzschean master race.

2018-08-29 22:07:27 UTC  

I feel like I joined this conversation at an odd time

2018-08-29 22:08:06 UTC  

Haha >spencerian

2018-08-29 22:14:43 UTC  

Whoa. Is this the ie server lol

2018-08-29 22:22:33 UTC

2018-08-29 22:23:20 UTC  

Womp womp

2018-08-29 22:32:26 UTC  

Judging by that hair it seems like that person's gender is "aparadoxinflux"

2018-08-29 22:39:41 UTC  
2018-08-29 22:39:45 UTC  

bad content

2018-08-29 22:40:52 UTC  

I don't get it

2018-08-29 22:41:43 UTC  

Its bad content he should feel ashamed for furposting

2018-08-29 22:41:49 UTC  

oh okay, joking

2018-08-29 22:42:23 UTC  

Don't scare me like that, I'm trying to relax with a nice gin and tonic...ya'll giving me ulcers over here 😆

2018-08-29 22:42:34 UTC  

Furrys are b!g gh3y

2018-08-29 22:42:46 UTC  

@MrDefault No shame in my fur game, my friend

2018-08-29 22:43:33 UTC  

The avtists are out in force in general chat again.

2018-08-29 22:43:57 UTC  

Seriously tho...mod team jokes about going to sleep at night and having nightmares of absolute disasters happening in <#481597551272001546>

2018-08-29 22:44:22 UTC  

For real, I've had those nightmares before.

2018-08-29 22:47:25 UTC  

Mrs Logan must be writing a book...

2018-08-29 22:48:09 UTC  

Or hen pecking her keyboard one letter at a time. 🤔

2018-08-29 22:50:21 UTC  

A thought I had continued from a conversation in <#359019439116648458> ...

The favorite slurs of the media for us are "neo-nazi" and "white supremacist." These evoke all that 1.0 baggage we want to shed-- which is why they roll off our backs like water off a duck since we look/sound/feel nothing like 1.0. Contrast this with the term "white nationalist." To some people *in* the movement this term evokes that 1.0 image, but I suspect to most people *outside* the movement it does not necessarily evoke this image, in large part because it is being juxtaposed with the aforementioned extreme terms, and because guys like Steve King are getting labeled "white nationalist" by the media. For this reason I think we are seeing a normalization of the term, as was pointed out recently on FTN. Not saying we should ditch "identitarian" right now, but it will be interesting to see how public opinion of these terms evolves in the coming years.

2018-08-29 22:51:37 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Swiping on a tablet takes forever lol

2018-08-29 22:53:46 UTC  

Anyone have opinions on Balkanization? Maps?

2018-08-29 22:54:03 UTC  

Won't happen in our lifetime

2018-08-29 22:54:54 UTC  

As much as I want the Imperium of Greater Ohio, it's not going to happen

2018-08-29 22:57:43 UTC  

@Ben Rainsford - OH don’t let your memes be dreams brother

2018-08-29 22:58:51 UTC  

It’s also one of the only real options I see left.