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2018-08-30 01:38:12 UTC  

Wayne, what do you think of Stacey Abrams here in Ga?

2018-08-30 01:38:19 UTC  

In time, you too will be a man @Doc34

2018-08-30 01:38:24 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD boot repair guy

2018-08-30 01:38:24 UTC  

dress like you have some sway

2018-08-30 01:38:33 UTC  


2018-08-30 01:38:43 UTC  

When I grow up I wanna be like you 😃

2018-08-30 01:38:44 UTC  

Reinstate the Fashy Fashion channel !

2018-08-30 01:38:53 UTC  

I don't have a "clean cut" look, face or hair, and I always get told I look "well put together" because I don't wear shorts, running shoes, and shorts everywhere

2018-08-30 01:38:56 UTC  

Planned economies can work in a homogeneous and high IQ nation.

2018-08-30 01:39:07 UTC  

And I don't go clothes shopping every weekend either

2018-08-30 01:39:08 UTC  

I was told I look like ferris bueller today

2018-08-30 01:39:14 UTC  

There's a fashion channel in the skills server

2018-08-30 01:39:25 UTC  

@Deleted User That could go either way, lol

2018-08-30 01:39:31 UTC  

Cheetah vest?

2018-08-30 01:39:35 UTC  

@Jason - CT there's one in skills but it's not the same

2018-08-30 01:39:42 UTC  

*> tfw wearing shorts*

2018-08-30 01:39:50 UTC  

All the variables in styles of fashion are nice,especially when folks can pull it off so well

2018-08-30 01:40:00 UTC  

I wear silkies in the house

2018-08-30 01:40:02 UTC  

Classy that is

2018-08-30 01:40:19 UTC  

I really like fashion but the whole uniform thing is getting kinda tiring for me from far right groups. It usually just ends up being a little goofy, so it’s best we just try to look presentable and normal.

2018-08-30 01:40:22 UTC  

I'm liking this 1950s prep sentiment

2018-08-30 01:40:36 UTC  
2018-08-30 01:40:46 UTC  

or Louis XV furs

2018-08-30 01:40:48 UTC  

either or

2018-08-30 01:40:48 UTC  

Plus I don’t think any of us can fully agree on attire lmao

2018-08-30 01:40:49 UTC  

What we don't want to do is look like corporate losers getting margaritas at a Chilis after work

2018-08-30 01:40:59 UTC  

Sooooo true!!!

2018-08-30 01:41:11 UTC  

@Flint It's pronounced Dollaritas, and they are served at applebees.

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2018-08-30 01:41:29 UTC  

You can try to look "too nice" and end up looking like the dork in a Ross catalogue

2018-08-30 01:41:42 UTC  

Yes sadly

2018-08-30 01:41:52 UTC  

Non graphic tees (besides IE merch of course), jeans with no holes, you know, just look like you’re, at most, dressed well enough for an interview at a mid tier job.

2018-08-30 01:41:54 UTC  

@NITRODUBS You're saying everyone wearing white polos and khakis looks kind of weird? 🤔

2018-08-30 01:41:58 UTC  

Look uncool = no one wants to join. Keep some youth and energy in your clothtes

2018-08-30 01:42:19 UTC

2018-08-30 01:42:22 UTC  


2018-08-30 01:42:30 UTC  

How about a "Tree Smacker"? Tried that at another restaurant

2018-08-30 01:42:30 UTC  

White polos and khakis aren’t weird. But hundreds of people wearing that in sync ? Yeah, most people see that and don’t feel untucked

2018-08-30 01:42:35 UTC  


2018-08-30 01:42:40 UTC  

... I hate my auto correct man