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The Marketing branch of the Church is starting to really bother me

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@GZ Denton @Asatru Artist - MD I don't read them uncritically, but both sources have ideological and geopolitical motivations to be critical of Israel.

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Only one jew so far at school so far though, and tbh I don't think he'll be an issue with pushing anti white atuff

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Give him time.

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Remember, subversion is subtle. 😉

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Yeah it has only been 3 days, really jumping the gun

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Oh dude...…… BYU who up until a few decades ago did not even allow Blacks and Browns on campus is now trying to become so diverse that if you are a white kid from Utah or Idaho you might as well forget it.... you won't get accepted. I know a lot of kids from Utah who had to go out of State because BYU (Brigham Young University) is admitting minorities. The School of medicine at the UofU is very "diverse" . what puzzles me is that all of these Researchers from China and Indian have phD's and some are even MD's and PhD's and yet their English is horrible and they don't seem very intelligent when i deal with them. i am sure they are smart folks if they have PhD's but …. i also think that these minorities get through Medical School and Graduate School with a lot of more help exactly because of the language barrier and so they get a lot of free passes and Departments are being pressured into passing these individuals. Anyways they might be Doctors but when i talk to them they seem to be so dumb and unintelligent.

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As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I am happy to have anyone join. My friend served a mission in Mexico and could immediately tell the difference between members. They had their lives together, the Church really encourages that. However, Utah has always been white. I like it white. Why import students from foreign countries who don't ever stay? Unless they get an internship, they always ship back out to their countries with our education. Why do I have to open up my house? The Israelites were _extremely_ homogenous and I like that. Can't I do that too? Besides, the early Mormon pioneers were driven out to Utah, that was our only refuge, I don't imagine that the _religion of peace_ will get well with us forever.

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GZ Denton - i agree with you! President Nelson has really been trying to re-brand the Church - they are desperate for folks to forget the policies of the past regarding the Blacks. they are so ashamed of it that now the President of the Mormon Church has to have a press conference with Leaders of the Black community to announce a new chapter for the Church. Pathetic!

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@GZ Denton Good, we don't want them to stay.

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Why must whites always cuck and hand over our institutions to non-whites?

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And our countries it seems...

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But if they are Mormons why not???

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I was looking into becoming a Mormon for a while until I found out my morning cup of coffee is sinful somehow, that turned me off to it

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Either your tribe are more important, or your God and His people are (which now includes blacks it seems).

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That's a CivNat position, just with a religious tinge.

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well my problem with that is that a lot of these new converts from Africa Asia and South America are joining the Church for the wrong reasons! they are joining the LDS Church because they know the Church will possibly help them pay their bills, their rent, etc...and a lot of them use the Church to move to the US. but as you well know, retention of these converts is very low. so i worry that they are joining the Church for the wrong reasons.

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Or all the right reasons for *them*...

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I was raised Catholic but go to a Nondenominational church now

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@Grayson That's a great point, I didn't even think of that. Yeah I mean the people who stay in their places are the best ones.

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.Once again, non white use our altruism against us.

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(Why must whites always cuck and hand over our institutions to non-whites?
And our countries it seems...) Lots of people are afraid of not being able to fit in by being called bad names and thereafter shunned.

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It's happened to me. I have survived.

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yeah absolutely I agree with you GZ Denton! those who join the Church because they truly have a testimony of the Gospel are the best ones. but i fear that they might be a minority. The LDS Church has been a ticket to the US for a lot of these converts from third world countries.

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And that is exactly why they are joining.

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"God" definitely gives them advantages.

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(i use quotes for them using your God as a tool...not to disrespect your God)

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these quotes WERE inspired back then.... it was doctrine. it was revelation. then the Civil Rights happened...… and what d'ya know....

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I rebuffed the advances of a Jewish girl

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Threat status: demolished

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We need another Brigham Young !!! hahahah just kidding.. 😉

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What is the "seed of cain" in this quote? Related to Cain and Abel or entirely different?

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yep Cain who killed Abel. God cursed Cain and his posterity with the dark skin

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well but we still believe in the principle of plural marriage.. that is why we still have D&C 132 which is the revelation on polygamy.