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NPR is literally shilling for Canada vis-a-visa NAFTA now. I love how, all of a sudden, every bugman and catlady's an economist.

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Our boy, Jimmy Allsup, makin' Lil' Ben his b#tch:

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I especially enjoyed the noobie-friendly "left, fake right sandwich" meme 😎

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Howdy, gents

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Honestly the way NPR operates is so weird. They put out some stuff I actually like, but how did a publicly funded service ever become so comfortable with being so obvious in their left wing bias? You'd think they'd at least pretend

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@Ben Rainsford - OH It's public-funded, of course. Look at our schools

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Martin put a ring on it 😍

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Eyoo! Hopefully this encourages Lauren Southern to date some GI Chad.

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As opposed to just beta-orbiting them?

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Speaking of which I hope that this France documentary gives a good amount of air time to GI.

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Anyone have a link to the twitter block list that Mike Enoch uses?

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I got a theory!! What if the purpose of Trump’s tweet is to flood an area with millions of Afrikaner refugees, give them citizenship, and turn an area permanently red?

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Refugees Welcome lolol

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Tfw "fleeing diversity" becomes an approved asylum request

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I wonder how much more racist HuffPo can get? 🤔

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"Jones describes “white people food” as salads, fruits, yogurts, cottage cheeses and lean meats ― the standard low-fat, heart-healthy foods promoted by the U.S. Dietary Guidelines."

These people actually wonder why their is a difference in life expectancy. Maybe she need to move to Haiti and eat dirt cookies.

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"Every five years, a 14-member advisory board writes those guidelines, which dictate what the average American should eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The current board has only two black members. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services didn’t respond to HuffPost’s request for comment."

2/14 = 14%. So equal representation to the US pop?

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WHY?! Get out of the Middle East. Let them destroy their own countries, they are good at it.

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Just a reminder

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“I don’t want to eat anything that I can’t get in a drive thru and that’s white peoples fault”

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“black restaurateur Dr. Baruch Ben-Yehudah”

please tell me I wasn’t the only one who did a double-take

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I've never even seen the things she's talking about, pickled carrots, candied almonds? Just smells of pretentious shitlib in DC

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“Outgrew the need for a CPAP machine” someone send help please

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Woman you outgrew your ability to breathe normally in the first place, hence the CPAP

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I also like how she admits she lost 60 pounds and ditched the CPAP machine but can't realize the "White food culture" is better than hers, almost as if culture is something more than just your environment 🤔

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“It’s very frustrating,” she told HuffPost. “My clients feel pressure that they have to change the way they eat. They have to start incorporating foods that are not common to them. So any time that happens, there’s a resistance against the pressure.”

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This is otherwise known as a diet. Or systematic racism somehow I guess

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it’s that or get one of those mobility scooters lol (likely invented by a white guy)

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There would never be this kind of White cultural dominance if she lived in WAKANDAAAAaaaAAAA!!

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Huff-post: "White privilege prevents me from starving, here are 10 reasons why that's a bad thing"

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Tfw you agree with that sentence but for the wrong reasons.

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Lakisha you gotta try the Zimbabwe diet. Okay so what you gotta do it pick one grain of corn from cow poop after fighting over it for an hour with your other Wakandans.

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After some Wakandan wrestling, cool yourself off by sticking your face in a bull's rear #FightColonialScience