Message from Asatru Artist - MD in Nice Respectable People Group #general

2018-08-30 21:37:58 UTC  

I can't seem to make a FB sock

2018-08-30 21:38:15 UTC  

How to?

2018-08-30 21:38:18 UTC  

You’d be surprised what memes you can get posted in there

2018-08-30 21:38:38 UTC  

All you need is an email address

2018-08-30 21:38:39 UTC  

I'm perma-booted from twitter, too

2018-08-30 21:38:45 UTC  

tee hee

2018-08-30 21:38:57 UTC  

mmm... I tried that. sock email through a burner phone

2018-08-30 21:39:07 UTC  

Memes can make for a really good red-pilling catalyst

2018-08-30 21:39:09 UTC  

This was about 8-9 months ago

2018-08-30 21:39:19 UTC  


2018-08-30 21:39:24 UTC  

Don't you ever underestimate memes

2018-08-30 21:39:37 UTC  

I truly believe memes got Trump elected.

2018-08-30 21:39:40 UTC  

Bryce I’m from Missouri

2018-08-30 21:39:47 UTC  


2018-08-30 21:39:55 UTC  

They were an easy, quick way for normies to ingest info.

2018-08-30 21:39:56 UTC  

I use a VPN, is that the problem?

2018-08-30 21:40:11 UTC  

i figured a VPN would help cause you can mask your IP

2018-08-30 21:40:12 UTC  

Nice. What drove you down south?

2018-08-30 21:40:24 UTC  

Ferguson actually nvm thought you asked if I was from southern Mo. Moved for work

2018-08-30 21:40:27 UTC  

He must like Hispanics more...

2018-08-30 21:40:29 UTC  


2018-08-30 21:41:04 UTC  

I drove through some part of TX on my way to Cali a bunch of years ago and all I saw were blacks and Mexicans.

2018-08-30 21:41:08 UTC  

Was depressing.

2018-08-30 21:41:23 UTC  

Sounds like most states in the US

2018-08-30 21:41:55 UTC  

Unless you move way out away from civilization

2018-08-30 21:42:10 UTC  

I would love to, but they'll follow us eventually.

2018-08-30 21:42:32 UTC  

Like what they are trying to do with New Hampshire because it's "too white".

2018-08-30 21:42:32 UTC  

I would but I want to be near the fight

2018-08-30 21:42:47 UTC  

Ain't no more running

2018-08-30 21:42:50 UTC  


2018-08-30 21:43:06 UTC  

I'm right in the thick of diversity, don't you worry.

2018-08-30 21:43:13 UTC  

MD is like 52% white now I believe.

2018-08-30 21:43:31 UTC  

I spent a couple weeks in Baltimore this summer

2018-08-30 21:43:37 UTC  


2018-08-30 21:43:39 UTC  

I'm sorry. 😃

2018-08-30 21:44:00 UTC  

Baltimore is a great reminder of why I'm in IE and why I don't want our country to become majority non-white.

2018-08-30 21:44:10 UTC  

It was to visit an ex, really a lose/lose trip there

2018-08-30 21:44:15 UTC  


2018-08-30 21:44:25 UTC  

Baltimore is a lose/lose.

2018-08-30 21:44:27 UTC  

Crabs up there are pretty good tho

2018-08-30 21:44:41 UTC  

Yea I’d imagine if one showed union soldiers modern pics of Detroit or Baltimore they’d stay home