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@Nemets Hello Nemets from my old stomping grounds. All that sexual harassment stuff is because girls are frightened of men that they don't think are "dreamy." I worked in the newspaper industry for 35 years, and I can tell you from personal experience that my female co-workers were all too happy to be harassed. I they thought you were funny, cute, successful, ripped or were otherwise interesting. I have to say that those gals were super interesting. But they were all emotionally volatile. I had better luck with long-term relationships among girls I knew who were in the advertising industry. I should have married one of them who was a redheaded force of nature from Bergen County New Jersey. But I didn't. I did end up marrying a corporate lawyer. She was perfectly happy to be harassed. Girls are just weird. Wonderful, but weird. And mark my words young men and women. As soon as the Far Right becomes an Irristibale force, as it inevitably will, the gals will flock to our banner. And other things. Look at the great religious awakening that occurred in the early-19th century that led to the Victorian era. All the gals threw away their low-cut, diaphenous, Napoleonic gowns and jumped into the more modest dresses of the Tom Sawyer era. Girls have always wanted to show their tits, because that is their power. But just let society take a turn to the right, and our ethereal, angelic beauties will get prim and proper quicker than you can say White Man's Burden. I've seen this happen. They like the bad boys. You can't get any badder than us. And them pretty gals can vote. For some reason.

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@Freiheit - CA I guess Rule 11 still exists sometimes

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@TylerHess what happened?

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That antifa got smacked with sanctions for filing a frivolous lawsuit intended to harass

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Yeah, I was worried I broke a rule.

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Scared me.

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Rule 11 of federal civil procedure says people have to act in good faith

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I thought you meant the server rules here.

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Nope lol sorry to scare you.

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Invoking Rule 11 alone would have been enough to get all or most Cville charges dismissed plus a huge counter suit if we didnt have subversion down there

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True I think.

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I am really, really afraid of the server rules. I've been brutally criticized by the moderators on more than one occasion.

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But anyway, check out these awesome White people dancing. We see the emotional depth tempered by self-discipline and emotional self control.

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Check out the great Bill Mcillree clog dancing like a young man even though he is 75 years of age. Lighting a cigarette and taking to the limit. I'll bet old bill was hard, but happy man.

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Wait till the 85-year-old man quits staggering around before we get to see old Bill McIllree.

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@OMGDwayne Sir, I thoroughly enjoy your well thought out posts.

There's always nuggets of wisdom dispensed.

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Goodnight Identitarian bros...busy day

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Good night @Freiheit - CA

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@OMGDwayne I love those videos -- and have seen the David Hoffman before. I recently saw an interview with him about his work. Fascinating. All of his work and rights to have been purchased by the Library of Congress upon his death. I am so glad that our people's folk histories have been collected since we can no longer rely on them being perpetuated by our folk.

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Just this week, I found this book 2nd hand. It is still in print. The introduction lays forth how the songs were collected and how they were song in schools, homes, and churches. Now I find that there was an audio cd made to accompany it. What a treasure.

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Good morning everyone 😎

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God I worked like 13 hours yesterday that was hell.

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Eesh. Yeah, my Friday was pretty rough as well. So glad it's the weekend...

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I’ve been working 12s for the past month and am still on call this weekend

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G'morning IE. I hope you've been keeping your eyes peeled to the latest news from conflict zones the world over

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(And my Friday went badly too. I hate it when flying takes up all my day.)

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I can’t even say I hate overtime when I get time and a half though, I’m a real wage slave lmao. And I’ve been trying to get more info on those protests in Germany

2018-09-01 13:28:33 UTC  

But merkel is literally limiting news coverage of it lol

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Pfft, the German protests are peanuts compared to what happened in Donetsk yesterday

2018-09-01 13:29:04 UTC  

Didn’t hear about that ?

2018-09-01 13:29:06 UTC  

A major Donetsk rebel got killed in a cafe. Nobody knows who did it: Ukraine, Russia, _or_ America

2018-09-01 13:29:14 UTC  

The Donetsk People's Republic president no less

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Wage slave here too. House payments & Catholic school tuition just about taps me out