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@MrDefault So you be sayin' we gave the Indians the best part of the states?

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You can also grow cotton in AZ

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just sayin'

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There are farms that flood irrigate alfalfa there

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West Valley is all farms

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Our factory farms in the US are a huge part of our obesity. If only we had a bit of backbone to stand up to the agricultural lobbies and mandate healthy foods across the board like Europe. Also ban French Fries.

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@Freiheit - CA We were to lazy to conquer them just turned their land into the res

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My folks are moving to AZ...I loved the area they chose, and there's a lot to explore, one of the last free states, but I really don't want to live with them...again. Lol

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I like being able to enjoy my days off.

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None of that, "why are you still in bed" stuff

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just escape out here. We got tons of refugees from Cali

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I have a friend in Flagstaff...he told me he's set me up with a job...I don't know what I'm ready for yet. I want to keep what's mine. Maybe be all over and have white Influence in blue states.

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Golly gosh darn real diversity hasn’t been tried yet lets try it in Montana or Utah.

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@Freiheit - CA tactical retreat brother

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I'm not selling the family ranch to Asians.

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...but tactical vacation homes may be smart

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I doubt this is going to be a worthwhile investment on the part of the Chinese in the long term. They seem to be giving African nations money with no strings attached, which is effectively the same thing as burning money.

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Strictly strategic messaging and in line with typical Chinese mimicry.

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@Virgil I agree with @Argument of Perigee TBH they think very long term. They are colonizing...they will own the continent if they aren't stopped...they see a planet where they will eventually need more land.

2018-09-03 22:41:32 UTC  

They occupy much of Oceania currently.

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They are also strategic military staging locations.

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I'm guessing they are trying to force African nations into debt and force them to give the Chinese access to their natural resources. If that's the case Western nations might altruistically assume the debt of most African nations.

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Africans also have the highest testosterone on average. It makes them tend to be more aggressive and virile.
China is introducing soy to replace corn in many African nations. Soy is known to adversely effect Testosterone levels both chronicly and generationally.
China, meanwhile, is moving away from soy and increasing other protein option production - such as chicken and peanuts.
Almost like they have long-term plans...

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@Gwaihyr They do. The Chinese are woke in a way that the West isn't.

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However, I am happy that (((tasty delicious soy))) is being introduced to Africa.

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I think corn affects hormonal I correct? I know the Midwest is full of tall muscular people.

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It takes less water and effort than corn, which the Africans love

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I'm not sure about that, but corn isn't great for anyone to eat.

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Definitely ingest it in moderation.

2018-09-03 22:50:44 UTC  

I don't think that soy actually lowers testosterone in any really noticeable way. The estrogen contained in soy are phytoestrogens , plant estrogens, which are thousands of times weaker than the estrogen found in humans. The evidence that points to soy feminizing men is at best inconclusive.

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Happy afternoon my fellow identitarians. Feeling whitepilled

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regarding Chinese incentive to develop Africa, maybe they're just propping them up to further attack us...

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It would be interesting if African nations guilted the West into assuming their billions of dollars of debt.

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Just woke up from a nap on the roof to a beautiful sunset

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Pretty good labor day 😁

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Almost same @ThisIsChris

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@Freiheit - CA nice, it's the hammock!