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Fill out an order form and send it to @Deleted User

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Found it! Thanks @MrDefault

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wuh oh

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Yeah that was a weird thing to see

2018-09-04 16:04:18 UTC  

Hand Maidens tale LARPers were there and everything

2018-09-04 16:09:18 UTC  

I sorta feel bad for the guy; sooooo awkward

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^ #DeportThemAll ^

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What pathetic excuses for people.

2018-09-04 17:17:07 UTC  

Deranged women can be quite hilarious

2018-09-04 17:17:20 UTC  

Yeah, but they are very dangerous.

2018-09-04 17:17:37 UTC  

Nah he'll get confirmed

2018-09-04 17:17:55 UTC  

Of course. But they are still dangerous. 😃

2018-09-04 17:18:50 UTC  

Lol these lefties are literally living in a fantasy world

2018-09-04 17:19:02 UTC  

I'm fine with these people not reproducing but the salt produced by taking away abortion would be so sweet.

2018-09-04 17:19:09 UTC  

If it wasn't handmaid's tale they would come dressed as voldemort or something

2018-09-04 17:19:36 UTC  

*a chilling reminder*

2018-09-04 17:20:04 UTC  

Let's hope all of those whites hate themselves enough that they never reproduce.

2018-09-04 17:20:07 UTC  

I am literally chilled about what some cat lady binge-watched on netflix

2018-09-04 17:21:09 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD yeah I was listening to something, maybe it was the latest alt hype video, saying conservative whites have the highest birthrates in the country. Lefty whites are whiping themselves out demographically. It's just that they're opening the floodgates to give us problems after they are gone.

2018-09-04 17:22:55 UTC  

We can deport the invaders. The true enemy (liberal whites) deciding to stop their lineage is much more helpful in the long run.

2018-09-04 17:23:20 UTC  

As long as we can keep citizenship away from those invaders, of course...

2018-09-04 17:26:27 UTC  

I agree liberal whites are more of a direct enemy than the invaders, but I'm starting to think most of them are hardly ideological at all and thus will be relatively easy to convert once we reach the tipping point. Just as we are small in number among the right, the true leftists ideologues are small in number on the left. Most people align with what's socially acceptable in their respective circles.

2018-09-04 17:27:04 UTC  

@William Russell I totally agree, I know a lot of white democrats who voted Trump, for example.

2018-09-04 17:27:27 UTC  

Let's hope they are that mentally weak and malleable.

2018-09-04 17:28:04 UTC  

Come to think of it...they are considering they just spout MSM talking points. 🤔

2018-09-04 17:28:17 UTC  

I think when we see white liberal demographics going down though, I'm not worried. I think the demographic numbers are averaging high birth rates of trump-voting white democrats and the super low birth rates of crazy cat lady/bugmen.

2018-09-04 17:28:59 UTC  

I'm willing to bet a great many of us here, before we woke up, were also aligned defacto with whatever was acceptable around us.

2018-09-04 17:29:01 UTC  

Problem is, those demographics take generations to come of age and vote/cause social change/pressure.

2018-09-04 17:29:38 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD yes, we're going to be stuck with the bugmen and "cool wine aunts" for the rest of our lives.

2018-09-04 17:31:25 UTC  

Hey, even bugmen and wine aunts can realize the error of their ways and repent, if not in time to breed then at least in time not to be completely obnoxious for the rest of their lives.

2018-09-04 17:32:47 UTC  

@missliterallywho good point!

2018-09-04 17:36:00 UTC  

Middle aged wine aunts are the worst. Not to mention beta “cool bro uncles” that act like college kids but cannot handle the pace.

2018-09-04 17:41:22 UTC  

@Nemets I personally believe a lot of youth lean left due to the culture that they're surrounded in within their schools, to be honest

2018-09-04 17:44:32 UTC  

True. When you have your moral frame built by middle aged women in school and have no strong moral center at home to counteract that, it sets leftist morality as the default.

2018-09-04 17:48:01 UTC  

The absolute state of society today makes me feel like I am taking crazy pills. I do not at all understand the handmaid's tale references in conjunction with a SCOTUS nomination. But maybe that's due to my tiny, back-woods, bigoted, dumb-dumb brain.

2018-09-04 17:50:07 UTC  

@Fox I would imagine he is a Christian, and all leftists thing that if Christians take over the Supreme Court, that all women will be covered up like in the olden days.