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If Mel is our Oprah, can we run him in 2020?

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He has to wait tho cuz Carlson/Coulter 2020

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Winning ticket right there.

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Man... I'm not even going to sleep. How's everyones morning?

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I understand why people support Bolsonaro, he certainly says a lot of things I like but I don't think he'd make a good President for Brazil.
He speaks without thinking and generates a lot of bad publicity, needlessly.
If he were a bit more optical, subtle and calculating, he might have a larger base of support and more legitimacy.

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Mel Gibson has done a lot for our people. I wish he would lead by example in his personal relationships though

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@Virgil Isn't that exactly what people say about Trump? And we are at 4.2% GDP, lowest unemployment for multiple groups in history, he's nearly ended the Korean War, he's renegotiating trade deals in our favor, etc. I'd say actions should speak louder than words at this point.

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Morning all!

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I am white, was born this way, I have a history, a people, a heritage, a place in the world. Generations thought about MY existence and planned for MY experience. I am loved.

I am not intrinsically violent, offensive, nor privileged (in the sense that I need to move over to afford others more). See me. Hear me. I'm still here.

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On the Kaepernick thing, I knew folks when I lived in Reno who were pals with him, as he was the qb at the college. Apparently he would seduce girls every night on Facebook, get them drunk at his frat, then kick them out after using them. Sounds a tad rape like.

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Jared Taylor once said something relevant to that in an interview. When questioned about the colonization done by Whites and their propensity for massive deadly wars. Taylor said that our urge for war and conflict was not unique but rather our capability to do so. @elizabethchristine

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@Svat - NY It is so disgusting to see women defile themselves in such a pathetic manner.

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It seems they really can't discern, especially at that age, false strength and status from anything good, when they're not taught any cultural values. Hence throwing themselves at turds like Colin Kaepernick.

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@Envian thanks for posting that photo

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@Asatru Artist - MD Not quite, Trump is much more calculating with what he says, than most people give him credit for. Trump knows where the boundaries are, how to bend them and how to move the overton window.

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Good morning my fellow identitarians. Go have a productive and whitepilled day fighting for our people!

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Morning <:deye:359010025223618570>

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Currently on campus. Making it teal

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Good morning 🌞 whites.<:deye:359010025223618570>

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Hey guys. What happened to the store? I need to buy some IE Flags. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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Fill out an order form and send it to @Deleted User

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Found it! Thanks @MrDefault

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wuh oh

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Yeah that was a weird thing to see

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Hand Maidens tale LARPers were there and everything

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I sorta feel bad for the guy; sooooo awkward

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^ #DeportThemAll ^

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What pathetic excuses for people.

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Deranged women can be quite hilarious

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Yeah, but they are very dangerous.

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Nah he'll get confirmed