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2018-09-04 18:22:32 UTC  

By Tiglath-Pileser III, the Blacks yearn for White trim. The worst I've ever seen was some commercial in which there was a Black woman with a White man. Except for Mental Patient Robert Deniro, that almost never ever happens. But the Black women do want White men. In my younger days I was aggressively pursued by a couple of Black women. I like them OK as co-workers and people to goof around with, but I've never see a Black woman who looked desirable to me. Even the ones that the media has defined as beautiful, I just can't see it. Being pursued by Black women was a really touchy thing for me. I had to reject them while not triggering a temper tantrum. Very difficult.

2018-09-04 18:23:34 UTC  

Yeah, I've never found black women even remotely attractive.

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So I'm curious, in my brief googling I saw an article that said it was the American Bolsheviks that brought Lincoln to power, that seemed to conflict with the confed-bol. An I just too ignorant?

2018-09-04 18:25:25 UTC  

And yah, black girls are just not even slightly attractive to me

2018-09-04 18:26:32 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD State farm is particularly bad about that.

2018-09-04 18:26:41 UTC  

Now I have seen mostly white black girls that I thought were pretty, but even them I never felt the desire to date one.

2018-09-04 18:26:53 UTC  

@MrBland - VA Obviously you are not read up on your D'Souza. You see the American bolsheviks are the real nazis and Lincoln was the real slave owner. So the southern states were the real union making them the true abolitionist of personal property.

2018-09-04 18:27:15 UTC  

@MrBland - VA its a meme, i don't think confed bol is a real thing

2018-09-04 18:27:27 UTC  

Ahh lol

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And also I don't think the Bolsheviks put Lincoln in power

2018-09-04 18:27:42 UTC  

*stays out of this convo so he doesn't seem out of touch*

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@MrBland - VA The rabid Abolitionists brough Lincoln to power, and they are the direct ancestors of the SWPLs and SJWs. All they cared about was destroying the fellow Whites and virtue signaling. Back then their justification was religion. Now it is the lie of egalitarianism.

2018-09-04 18:28:28 UTC  

Same with commies...first it was class warfare, now it's race.

2018-09-04 18:28:41 UTC  

They fail, so they change tactics and (hopefully) fail again.

2018-09-04 18:28:53 UTC  

Eh tbh the slavery was a really bad system and the southern aristocracy was using it to keep all the money and power in their hands

2018-09-04 18:29:11 UTC  

Cultural Marxism seems to have proven quite effective though, esp compared to original class based Marxism.

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Some really...interesting takes in here.

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uh oh, leadership is here to ruin our fun. <:sad:366743316475281408>

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Plus, they were never around Blacks. Up North Blacks were few and far between. They had no earthly idea how brutally stupid and dangerous Blacks could be. They just needed a victim class to uplift and worship them for their transcendent kindness.

2018-09-04 18:29:50 UTC  

Saying "the evil sjws killed white civilization" isn't really accurate for the Civil war, there were a ton of legitimate reasons to be an abolitionist

2018-09-04 18:29:54 UTC

2018-09-04 18:30:43 UTC  

I don't think "" is that credible of a source lol

2018-09-04 18:30:52 UTC  

I hear you, I was googling confederate Bolshevik and American Bolshevik and reading headlines. So not an informed statement

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I see you found my blog.

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There were some Americans that went to go fight for the Bolsheviks in Spain but thats about the only thing I can think of them doing

2018-09-04 18:31:53 UTC  

blogs are so 2010

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And that was in the 1930s, not the 1830s lol

2018-09-04 18:32:52 UTC  

@The Soy Goy True it is not a direct analogy, but it is a part of a common thread of Leftist lies and fantasies that the upper class and the middle class began buying into after Rousseau took his poison mainstream.

2018-09-04 18:33:05 UTC  

@Deleted User so you're the one that stole my domain then

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You can still join me as a regular contributor 😉

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It all goes back a lot farther than we sometimes think IMHO.

2018-09-04 18:34:10 UTC  

Yeah I'm just don't think that oversimplification and revisionism is healthy when you're trying to craft an argument. Just cause it's easy to debunk

2018-09-04 18:34:43 UTC  

Very well said.

2018-09-04 18:35:02 UTC  

There are a ton of legitimate reasons to believe in all the things the old egalitarians believed in that don't include pushing globohomo and multiculturalism

2018-09-04 18:35:10 UTC  

@The Soy Goy "oversimplification and revisionism"
You just described the modern left perfectly. 👌🏻

2018-09-04 18:35:36 UTC  

I hear you on the oversimplification, but I see too often people go the other way seeing complexity when it is simple human emotion unconstrained by intellect.

2018-09-04 18:36:19 UTC  

The main thing being that most of those people literally didn't even consider non Europeans to be human, so obviously today's situation was not their intention haha

2018-09-04 18:36:28 UTC  

Intellect is not the word I was looking for...

2018-09-04 18:36:55 UTC  

Logic maybe?

2018-09-04 18:37:54 UTC  

Basically way to much of the "feminine side" is in our culture and politics.

2018-09-04 18:38:30 UTC  

80% of teachers (whom all our children have to learn from) are women...