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2018-09-05 13:59:25 UTC  

didnt they remake that tv series?

2018-09-05 13:59:37 UTC  

i think so but it didn't go over well if i remember right

2018-09-05 13:59:45 UTC  

the original was really good (at least as i remember as a kid)

2018-09-05 14:00:37 UTC  

some things are better left in nostalgia though, so ive never tried rewatching it.

2018-09-05 14:00:56 UTC  

I agree like the old swamp thing.

2018-09-05 14:01:12 UTC  

rewatched it recently and its not so good but back in the I was obsessed

2018-09-05 14:03:05 UTC  

oh man...Swamp Thing.

2018-09-05 14:03:16 UTC  

ever watch Toxic Avengers? πŸ˜‚

2018-09-05 14:03:32 UTC  

this is live

2018-09-05 14:03:42 UTC  

people are already screaming and shouting.\

2018-09-05 14:04:13 UTC  

this is what happens when you close down all the insane asylums. :-p

2018-09-05 14:04:37 UTC  

you get the modern left.

2018-09-05 14:05:21 UTC  

He could literally be Jesus and they'd still find a reason to protest

2018-09-05 14:05:36 UTC  

they would protest Jesus even harder...

2018-09-05 14:06:06 UTC  

and jesus would bring a whip and run them out of there

2018-09-05 14:06:11 UTC  

just like the money lenders

2018-09-05 14:06:30 UTC  

money lenders πŸ‘ƒπŸ»

2018-09-05 14:06:59 UTC  


2018-09-05 14:07:01 UTC  

Jesus had a whip? He's more based than I thought. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

2018-09-05 14:07:11 UTC  

something like that

2018-09-05 14:07:21 UTC  

I know he chased them out

2018-09-05 14:07:36 UTC  

Speaking of chased out...#110 when?

2018-09-05 14:08:06 UTC  

It gets me steaming that these plebs are able to organize such manufactured outrage.

2018-09-05 14:08:09 UTC  
2018-09-05 14:08:24 UTC  

its cuz they are loonies

2018-09-05 14:08:34 UTC  

The plebs can't's their masters doing the organizing.

2018-09-05 14:15:47 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD To specifically your question, he whipped the tax collecting Jews, and flipped over their tables because they worshipped money and were greedy πŸ‘

2018-09-05 14:17:31 UTC  

He did that because the Jews were trying to change the church into a money laundering scheme, lol

2018-09-05 14:18:23 UTC  

I mean...

2018-09-05 14:20:06 UTC  

Now we have a jesuit pope πŸ˜‚

I wonder if the left come out in droves when anything happens, because they know they won't meet any opposition from the police or anyone else

2018-09-05 14:21:17 UTC  

The current Pope. <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-05 14:21:36 UTC  

Isnt he supposed to be the last pope

2018-09-05 14:21:44 UTC  

It’s also a fashion statement for them

2018-09-05 14:22:16 UTC  

The way he is doing things, it wouldn't surprise me @The Huwhyte Ulf - VA

2018-09-05 14:25:26 UTC  

Everything he says seems to go against thousands of years of his own faith.

2018-09-05 14:25:51 UTC  

Does everybody already know that our youtube channel is censored in Germany? Not sure if this is old news or not, but when I tried to watch the Tomorrow Starts Today video it said "Not available in this country domain." And over here it's probably happening at the direct behest of the 'free, tolerant, liberal, democratic' regime, unlike the le private company censorship in the us

2018-09-05 14:26:01 UTC  

It's almost like he's *subverting* it from the inside. πŸ€”

2018-09-05 14:27:59 UTC  

@LetzterSohnDesAbendlandes Our other videos are in limited state even here. -__-

2018-09-05 14:28:40 UTC  

Don't worry, once AJ rips off his shirt in the capitol building we'll all be saved