Message from Verm in Anticom #general

2017-08-13 22:37:25 UTC  

going to trigger some seizures

2017-08-13 22:40:25 UTC  

Could I get vetted tomorrow, same time?

2017-08-13 22:43:18 UTC  

The management has come to an agreement to up the requirements to join and retain membership of Anticom, of which the details will be discussed and implemented soon enough.

2017-08-13 22:44:07 UTC  

With Charlottesville behind us it can be easily seen that the proverbial gloves have come off, so we deem this a nessecity.

2017-08-13 22:50:21 UTC  

have there been problems in the past?

2017-08-13 22:51:11 UTC  

In regards to vetting? Yes. Though that's not the reason we are changing things up currently.

2017-08-13 22:51:30 UTC  

i mean problems like infiltration/raids

2017-08-13 22:51:45 UTC  

No, not exactly.

2017-08-13 22:52:01 UTC  

We have had infils in the past, but most of those have been...... dealt with.

2017-08-13 22:52:28 UTC  

Guessing it'll be harder to get infils vetted then

2017-08-13 22:52:35 UTC  

Would it take longer then?

2017-08-13 22:52:55 UTC  


2017-08-13 22:53:04 UTC  

A webcam or IRL meetup will be required too.

2017-08-13 22:53:05 UTC  

I am not one to do interrogations, but the time it took for me was about 3-6 minutes.

2017-08-13 22:53:20 UTC  

Did templar start enforcing webcam vetting?

2017-08-13 22:53:34 UTC  

Alright, if there's vetting up tomorrow then I'd like to go by around the same time

2017-08-13 22:53:41 UTC  


2017-08-13 22:53:51 UTC  

You vet with webcams?

2017-08-13 22:53:57 UTC  

I don't do webcam shit

2017-08-13 22:54:00 UTC  

This is the plan.

2017-08-13 22:54:06 UTC  

Ok so was the driver part of Vanguard or not?

2017-08-13 22:54:14 UTC  
2017-08-13 22:54:25 UTC  

I thought it would just be a voice call

2017-08-13 22:54:29 UTC  

@Verm Are webcam vettings now mandatory?

2017-08-13 22:54:30 UTC  

you can ask me anything but you're not getting my last name and face

2017-08-13 22:54:43 UTC  

Not yet, but as the consensus currently stands they soon will be.

2017-08-13 22:54:45 UTC  

webcam vetting seriously? why?

2017-08-13 22:55:01 UTC  

@Solzo And what would that be?

2017-08-13 22:55:03 UTC  

What's the point of webcam vetting?

2017-08-13 22:55:12 UTC  

^also this

2017-08-13 22:55:13 UTC  

better not have some creepy thirsty prick trying to get with the girls in the group i hate those cucks

2017-08-13 22:55:34 UTC  

I mean, I think I'm fine with it and all, but something tells me it would backfire

2017-08-13 22:55:40 UTC  

The moderation is...... not like that to say the least.

2017-08-13 22:55:45 UTC  

Stay put for now. The terms and processes are yet to be discussed.

2017-08-13 22:56:08 UTC  

Hm, alright

2017-08-13 22:56:28 UTC  

one thing i hate is joining groups only to find out one of the admins is a creep or stalker trying to get girls to send him pics

2017-08-13 22:56:34 UTC  

if you could only see all the happy merchant memes I have I'd get instantly modded :^)

2017-08-13 22:56:43 UTC  

so when i hear webcam vetting i worry

2017-08-13 22:56:54 UTC  

@Solzo And how can I trust you?

2017-08-13 22:57:10 UTC  

better not have pervs for admins