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@Robtheroman I'll ask the insensitive question...are those whites we would really want in our gene pool though?

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i have some friends in Northern California (Grass Valley, Redding, Chico areas); about half a dozen of them with no affiliation to any White Identitarian movement - who have told me that they are looking for some land to buy to start their own little village with no Mexicans. They might be some future IE members 😋

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He is obviously hiding/protecting the pedos, but I'll even venture *he* isn't one himself.

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Thanks, @Valaska!

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@Asatru Artist - MD of course you do I'll assume grew up in a upper class suburb I grew up in queens NYC I was taught to believe that that's what growing up was all about it's in every aspect of our american culture and let's be honest those whites are the working class that are dying off. Those are the ones who stick out there necks more than most . Cant have a movement of just "intellectuals"

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This is how Martin Sellner proposed to Pettibone

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We should teach him how to do a banner drop

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He's the king of banner drops my friend

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@Robtheroman My parents lived in a trailer before I was born, then we lived on military bases until I was 11. We lived in a majority black area when I was 10 and my parents knew I wouldn't be able to learn in that environment, so they sacrificed (time to drive much further to work and money) to buy a house in a much better (majority white) area away from the base. Everything they have and I was provided was by their hard work and we were far from "upper class", but no, I wasn't "poor" or lower class. I'm no intellectual either, I'm an artist and a "regular guy" in my own eyes.I'm no elitist, but we don't need weak minded people and I think of drug addiction as a weakness.

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thanks for sharing that Asatru Artist. I see it all the time; even my "liberal" friends move their kids to more white schools all the time. Or move to more White neighbourhoods without even consciously realizing it.

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Good for your parents !

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They knew even then that being one of the only white boys in the school was not going to end well for me. Either I end up not learning nearly as much as I could have, or I end up acting like them...neither of which they wanted. 😉

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Those Ozark volleyballers are are QTs too.

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Next time a black dude rapes and murder a white girl and it makes the news; we should organize a WHITE LIVES MATTER march (with signs and everything). then the mainstream media will be back in a corner.... will they say we are a bunch of neo nazis? if they do, then we will have a great argument to make in our statement that it is so hypocritical of them to criticize us when their coverage of the black lives matter movement was always favourable. If they cover us positively then - after pinching ourselves to make sure we are not dreaming - we can say mission accomplished.

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@Grayson you forget that there will already be anti-male marches planned immediately after

2018-09-10 03:12:42 UTC  

by whom? the pink hat women ?

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@Grayson Been tried already by 1.0 groups and those tend to be optic disasters, most notably at Shelbyville

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oh really ?

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i was not aware of that.. dang it !

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> 1.0
> optics...

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@Asatru Artist - MD "weak people" how is a 15year old kid supposed to know these things , when it is everywhere in all our music all our movies it is aimed at us. 60000 whites died last year alone. If is another thing targeted at white youth to bring us down. To just write off 60000 as "weakness " is retarded

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@Grayson M8. Idiot rallies get our movement no where.

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((("our music", "our movies")))

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ok i was just thinking out loud

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Yeah, let’s go easy on disparaging Whites who are dying from opioids

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And drugs in general

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Like I said how is a kid supposed to know

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better parenting.

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better support from their people, their community

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i think i know what Asatru was trying to say ... it might have come out wrong... but i knew what he meant.

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And if your parents are junkies?

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Not all are that fortunate

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Hell Yeah. USA. How do y'all think this would play out. And specifically, what do you think of his assesment of U.S. naval power and do you believe his implication that U.S. military presence in the Middle East is based principally on control of oil chokepoints?

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gen x and boomers went through disco fever
gen y had it's own fever with mtv and rap culture

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Entire swathes of the country have been ruined thanks to globalism

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It’s not really a personal responsibility issue. If you remove economic opportunities from a certain area, people are going to fall into poverty.