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@Deleted User well I said it was because they were both European *and* classically trained. Impressionism enabled these two aspects to no longer be relevant to making good art. Imo Impressionism was good because it was made by well trained classical artists

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and wildlife is actually well managed in this country for the most part. ( because it is usually a state instead of federal purview). Most weavers, otters, etc taken are at a sustainable level

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Endangered species act etc is federal, but non threatened game animals are handled by State governments

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@Goose The Moderate Party won, and their are center right and a center left coalitions that both stand at about 40%. Sweden Dems got around 18% of the vote and are in a kingmaker position. But since neither coalition will work with them, Sweden might have some sort of snap election soon.

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dang. Why can't Marcus marry some princess and become king?

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@Kingfish glad you're admitting impressionism is good now.

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welcome to the winning team!

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@Virgil so i'm guessing, bad?

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Alright so the next elections in Europe are in Bosnia, Latvia, and Luxembourg. All in October I believe. Latvia doesn’t concern me since they’re virtually 100% white and probably won’t change based on party control. Bosnia is is pretty white besides the occasional Turk. And Luxembourg is just about what you’d expect. Are these elections we should be paying attention to or not?

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I never denied that the art Produced in Impressionism is bad per say, it did kind of start the beginning of the end of Classical art

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Latvia is worth watching due to the NATO vs Rus dynamic

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Bavaria has state elections in October

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that's more worth watching

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Latvia has a rising right wing base so that’s always good. And the AfD is polling fairly strong in Bavaria. What matters now is whether or not the CSU will form a coalition with them

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I'm mostly messing with you now. I agree that it's probably the high water mark of classical art - even though it opened the door for artistic decadence I appreciate it in it's own right.

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not 'high water mark' - "swan song" that was the phrase I was looking for.

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I also saw some people counter-signaling sports hunting. won't say those folks are wrong. but... they're wrong.

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That timing

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as for Bavaria: the only real question is how many votes from the non-party affiliated people and the CSU AfD steals

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@Goose No, not great but could be much worse, so kind of a mixed bag. Sweden Dems got a huge boost in votes compared to the last election, and the Social Democrats (not the Moderate party I was mistaken before) barely scraped by and support for them is down to the lowest its been in about a century I believe.

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or if the Left can actually do better in an election

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Since IE is a fraternity that means pledges get HAZED (maybe)

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Future I/E HQ

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Future IE HQ

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which one: White House or giant palatial estate?

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@Rabbidsith awesome song!

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or: White House _as_ giant palatial estate

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Huwhite house.

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someone needs to edit in the IE flag

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Im saying my prayers for our Future "Dragons Keep"

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I Nick Fuentes somehow doing it with his debating skills. His last name might come in handy. Hmm

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@V.Balboa - PA Dope rosary bro

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Thanks @Jawa

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@unclefesterr I am ready to be hazed. bring it on!

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My college frats hazing was way worse than basic training.

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I'm up for hazing as long as it's PG-13.