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Maybe pin it for ease of access? @Verm

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I saw that ye feckin' sod

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Dank je wel @Verm

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@Verm Yes, I am seeing how system 32 appears to have caused the crash.

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I support anti-Oriental policies tee bee aitch

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gib views

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shalom fellows

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Over the past 3 years i have visited much of europe, south america and as of right now I have seen for the first time, the decadent, propaganda filled, New York. I have seen Italy's cities be transformed by the immigration of dutyless cowards who flee their homelands. Here in New York especially, the decadent and rootless masses are completely unaware, ungrateful, and uncaring of as to where this soon to be lost abundance of goods, food, and productivity came from. These immigrants have no ancestors, they have left them all behind and traded them for globalist superficial consumerism, and the white liberal man willingly spits on his own ancestors. The vast majority of irrational and unpleasant workers and streetgoers I have had the displeasure of encountering and commoners are all indians, gypsies, negroids, or of another broken and depraved people and most of whom do not even speak proper english.

My nationalist sentiment grows stronger everyday, everything i see of value literally anywhere was produced by white men; no non-european technologies compete with or are even to be found in any place of significance. At best I have seen some crude recreations of foods from alien lands.

 The more I travel the more I yearn for the dominance of the sane, rational, and productive european male. Whom without, mankind would be the same desperate, starving, savage, and superstitious animals.

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Fucc ogf

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anybody here that could get me vetted rn

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@here shitpost central

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The pictures ars from different events

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Some years old

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Treat it as real tho

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10/10 propaganda