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I am cursed with Windows 10 so I am waiting for my "computer" to restart so I can actually load web pages quicker than 10 minutes.

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>actually having to restart your computer

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I eagerly await the inevitable triumph of Linux.

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g'morning America it'll be another sunny day with no clouds and some wind

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Tfw your @sigruna14 's still a Microsoft cuck...

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@sigruna14 Windows updates are overly aggressive tech heresy. If you want them disabled type “services” into your search bar, right click windows updates, go to properties, then the logon tab, select “this account” instead of local system account, type in .\Guest for “this account” and make password blank.

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@Wotan Klan-GA Goldwater was an interesting guy, half Jewish, I believe but more or less supported segregation.

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Many Jews were in the Old South, and had extensive experience with African-Americans. They, like Jefferson, knew full well that the races were different in attitudes and aptitudes. I did business with one Jew whose family had been in Mobile since the early 19th century. He had a drawl so thick you could spread it on a piece of toast.

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Not surprising, I've read that a large number of Sephardic Jews settled in Georgia and South Carolina and more or less integrated into white southern society.

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Walking on a sidewalk and a little Aztec man in a sombrero is biking my way. As he passes. a cop passes in his car. The Aztec man says “slow down bitch!” #mydiverselife

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It may have just been a big hat actually

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@sigruna14 haha your consistent and vehement distaste for mainstream computer platforms has given me a sense of stability for two years now. I thank you. Don’t ever change.

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Found this very interesting post on MPC, wanted to share here. Lots to consider. I see IE someday occupying the space described.

*Francis' most memorable idea was probably that of the Middle American Radical, the disenfranchised heart of the American heartland that would eventually rise up and challenge the cosmopolitan status quo. When I think of this figure, I like to picture him as the hero in one of Norman Rockwell's paintings, Freedom of Speech.

This here is the Middle American Radical. There's nothing fancy about him and he may never have seen the inside of a college, but he's a central part of his community and he has the right, and indeed the duty, to steer it in the right direction, which is why he exercises his freedom of speech.

Through that act alone, he is a radical by any historical measure. For most of history, a man of his social station would not have been asked to share his thoughts, and if he had insisted on doing so, would likely have been flogged or executed. The American radical prides himself on not being ruled by petty tyrants, on having a say in the affairs of softer men even as a ragged, calloused laborer. That this type of radical egalitarianism has existed, and continues to exist, is a constant source of distress for the revolutionary left, which has never managed to implement its conception of equality without gulags and police states.

Needless to say, this type of populist radicalism squarely stands in the way of grand ideological experiments. Look at Rockwell's hero; do you believe for a second that this man is arguing in favor of open borders, communism or Adolf Skywalker? If anything, he's blasting the unseen speaker in front of the room for entertaining such notions.*

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*The Middle American Radical cares about the future of his community in concrete ways; he wants a wholesome curriculum in his schools, a clean hospital staffed by people he knows and trusts and a church that has the right to preach the gospel unhindered. He wants fair wages for decent work and the peace of mind that his children, like himself, will be able to make a righteous living if they choose to. In our contemporary context, this puts him into fundamental opposition to the powers-that-be. He has become a radical in yet another sense.

The scene in Rockwell's painting simply does not exist in borderless multicultural societies. These are administered by professional bureaucrats with no input from the great melange of subjects. Cosmopolitan liberals would like to see the Middle American Radical and his terribly, terribly stifling world liquidated and dissolved into a one-world order of Google Doodles where you will smile gratefully as you receive your daily dose of tranny and PoC education, or else!

Middle American Radicals know that this is not right. But they know that free market worship, techno-aristocracy and NEETsoc LARPing are not right either. They will only rally behind a cause that puts the vision behind Rockwell's Freedom of Speech front and center.*

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@Deleted User Good stuff.

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>NEETsoc LARPing

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When I started working at my current job, I found out that they have an internal messaging system, and for a split second, I was overjoyed... Until I realized that they didn't allow meming 😔

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@Deleted User that would make a solid mini article for AmRen

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Actually that looks somewhat close to their normal article sizes. Depending on the content.

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@Sam Anderson I'm sure his reasoning is fairly lengthy and sound, but I'm curious as to why Greg Johnson is still committed to the term "White nationalism/-ist."

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It is a concise term to describe what we want, a nation for white people.

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As we know it has been tarnished by LARPers and terrorists.

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I guess he does not want to lose that rhetorical ground and see that as a defeat.

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Fair enough, and while it is somewhat compromised, at least insofar as I can tell, there's still at least somewhat of a distinction in the eyes of the normie between White nationalism and neo-Nazism. I just wonder if the term can be rehabilitated.

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@Sam Anderson Lots of really intelligent people on MPC

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@Deleted User what is MPC I have never heard of it.

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My posting career

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As it was described to me, it's basically a forum for racist republican dads.

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Lol gonna send mine a link then.

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Not inaccurate @Matthias

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A bit more trendy that just that perhaps. "Hipster crypto-boomer racial esoterica"

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They were always anti alt-right from the get go.

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For better or worse

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They're pretty much the only public dissident-right forum at this point, right? Now that TRS forums are private

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They had the foresight so stay away from the toxicity.