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yeah tucker got redpilled pretty hard at some point. He was CNN tier for a long time

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I'm kinda goin' through a bout of 90s nostalagia this morning (music, etc.), and as many of us have said in the past, there was something both great and sinister about that decade, because while it was infinitely more pleasant than today, if the elites were a bit more savvy, had managed to maintain discipline within the ranks of the Coalition of the Ascendant, and could have basically perpetuated the 90s status quo for a few more decades, we would've been truly effed...

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Tucker had a show in the 90s?

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Wow he must be older than he looks

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@Jacob Yes - he was a dorky kid pundit back in his 20s then when I was in college. He took over as one of the hosts of Crossfire, which Pat Buchanan had been a founder of. This was before FNC was a thing. Interestingly, when Jon Stewart was getting his political start, he sort of shut down Crossfire in an infamous appearance. I remember watching this when it happened. Wasn’t a huge fan of Tucker then.

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So random question for millennials. I’m in a text chat on my iPhone with about 20 people. Since some have iPhone s and some android and god knows what, weird things happen; eg the group getting split up into multiple other chats. Will Signal or Telegram cute this if everyone downloads them?

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Yeah probably

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30 y.o. boomer here can't help ya. sorry.

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@Deleted User better off just making a groupme for everyone

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@Brunswick what’s groupme?

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its an app that is just a single text channel

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normie friendly but basic

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Thanks bruh!

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Hope you South Atlantic bros are safe in the hurricane. May the cable field reporters, however, be swallowed by Poseidon as sacrifices for the good of Dixie.

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@Deleted User telegram will cure it

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This was posted an hour ago

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When I was a kid, despite the rife neoconservatism (and by extension, Russophobia), I always kind of had a soft spot for Tom Clancy books and (his early) games, if for no other reason than the fact that I drew mental associations between them and Harrison Ford, and the kind of archetypal (White) "leave my family alone" hero, complete with waving flags and sweeping, patriotic musical themes, and the fact that he was very technical, but I went on Twitter today, and there were TONS of people of, ahem, ambiguous heritage singing the praises of the Jack Ryan series with what's-his-face, who plays Jim in the U.S. version of The Office. I can't help but think that they must have massively dumbed it down, and pozzed the hell out of it, because the Tom Clancy whose stuff I knew in my childhood held exactly ZERO appeal for non-Whites...

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The 90s where a dream but I always felt deep down that something was off and that it was more than just Mexico’s invasion. It was a pleasant dream but I’m glad the delusion is over.

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All the Carolina boys stay safe <:rebel:377174991046967296>

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Bill Marchant made a post about something really similar - about nostalgia and eventually music - bands that capture the essence of an era and many of the societal ills, but without diagnosing the cause or proposing a cure.

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A similar feeling anyhow - it's hard to articulate.

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Greetings fellow hashtag collectors have you tweeted at your local Groyper today?

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@Deleted User No, I know exactly what you mean. That very idea had occurred to me as well.

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@ChippedStones this an identitarian server bud. You should be studying why we fight instead of tweeting.

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@ChippedStones thank you for reminding me.

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@Deleted User what bands do you think capture the 90s essence?

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i'm going to go with cypress hill

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haha ok. not quite what I meant.

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I'm talking more of a thumb on the pulse of societies social fabric, than say, "vibe-ing"

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so smashmouth?

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If I went with 90's vibe it would be "lowrider" and "mambo #5" on repeat for hours on end.

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right, that's surface level though

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Fall is my time every year to rewatch all my favorite 90s shows and movies, starting with Twin Peaks ofc

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The zeitgeist of the time is probably best expressed years later by bands like Arcade Fire and The National (unironically)

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"The Suburbs" is one of the best records ever written in my opinion and is about growing up in the late 80's/early 90' the suburbs.

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@Deleted User Those are oughts bands, mmmbud 😎