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2018-09-16 06:41:55 UTC  

she was already doxxed I think

2018-09-16 06:42:49 UTC  

Dude caught a lot of crap from RINOs in his area, unfortunate

2018-09-16 06:43:16 UTC  

Tfw no IE gf

2018-09-16 06:43:32 UTC  

@NateDahl76 i hate those peope

2018-09-16 06:43:33 UTC  


2018-09-16 06:43:44 UTC  

I think one of them appeared on "Now This"

2018-09-16 06:43:58 UTC  

and talked about how Trump "does not uphold democratic values"

2018-09-16 06:44:03 UTC  


2018-09-16 06:44:37 UTC  

Honestly I’m pretty alright with girls but in my experience the apolitical ones didn’t mind my ideology

2018-09-16 06:44:51 UTC  

I like allsup's classic line, "impeach dotard cheeto blormpf"

2018-09-16 06:45:47 UTC  

Doesn't uphold democratic values? I don't care.

2018-09-16 06:45:52 UTC  


2018-09-16 06:46:00 UTC  

Democracy: The God that Failed

2018-09-16 06:46:23 UTC  

For the life of me, I cannot muster up one ounce of concern for the Left's objections, concerns, or criticisms.

2018-09-16 06:46:38 UTC  

I've reached the final "don't care" level

2018-09-16 06:47:22 UTC  

It's either that or the " ... and I approve of that" response

2018-09-16 06:47:51 UTC  

Yeah. They are not even worth talking to. They don't deal in reality

2018-09-16 06:47:54 UTC  

The left is so far deep into the clown world psychosis that you really can't take anything they say seriously.

2018-09-16 06:48:03 UTC  

Scott Greer’s response to flak about his views were solid a couple weeks back

2018-09-16 06:48:31 UTC  

@Gerald Cunningham so is mainstream right

2018-09-16 06:48:40 UTC  

in their endless worship of capitalists and israel

2018-09-16 06:48:51 UTC  

They can't discuss anything as it actually is

2018-09-16 06:49:13 UTC  

No use in even discussing why or where they're wrong, just make fun of them.

2018-09-16 06:50:05 UTC  

btw what's the status with Nathan Domingo?

2018-09-16 06:50:13 UTC  

In making fun of them, the normies can then see what's so ridiculous with them.

2018-09-16 06:50:15 UTC  

I think probably Tucker is one of the few who gets close to our views. I'm sure there may be a handful more

2018-09-16 06:50:17 UTC  

ik he left but did he leave on good terms?

2018-09-16 06:50:49 UTC  

I find it best to dm questions like that

2018-09-16 06:51:16 UTC  

Lawsuit stuff, protect IE by distancing, all is well

2018-09-16 06:51:22 UTC  

oh ok

2018-09-16 06:51:36 UTC  

Yeah, it's nothing big or bad

2018-09-16 06:52:09 UTC  

Just to say it out loud because the DM thing implies something negative happened

2018-09-16 06:52:17 UTC  


2018-09-16 06:52:43 UTC  

Makes sense

2018-09-16 06:52:59 UTC  

Anybody know what's going on with Syria/Idlib situation?

2018-09-16 06:53:17 UTC  

🅱ashar basically won

2018-09-16 06:53:35 UTC  

and it's the final assault: the rebels are trying to stand their ground in a last stand

2018-09-16 06:53:40 UTC  

but their days are numbered

2018-09-16 06:53:40 UTC  

Is Idlib being taken now or did it stop?

2018-09-16 06:53:55 UTC  

the assault will go on until it's done

2018-09-16 06:54:00 UTC  

I see no reason why Syria would stop