Message from Void in Anticom #general

2017-08-12 23:31:41 UTC  

Invt me back to 88th

2017-08-12 23:31:46 UTC  

You left?

2017-08-12 23:31:54 UTC  

I was wondering why you never were in there

2017-08-12 23:31:57 UTC  

You guys kicked or banned me idk

2017-08-12 23:31:58 UTC  

@Salami 88th discord was kill.

2017-08-12 23:32:24 UTC  

Ill eat your ass boy

2017-08-12 23:33:09 UTC  

What are you fucking gay?

2017-08-12 23:33:48 UTC  


2017-08-12 23:34:04 UTC  


2017-08-12 23:35:19 UTC  

has there been any info as to the cause of the helicopter crash?

Archive it you fuck

2017-08-12 23:35:34 UTC  

Send me the google manifesto

2017-08-12 23:35:36 UTC  


2017-08-12 23:35:42 UTC  

@Echo4 No, but probability to mechanical failure

2017-08-12 23:35:47 UTC  

Was it confirmed him

2017-08-12 23:36:12 UTC  

pic of the 11 year old is fake

2017-08-12 23:36:23 UTC  


Sandy Hook

2017-08-12 23:37:23 UTC  

ppl were saying that was a new victim

2017-08-12 23:37:39 UTC  

what are thoughts about tonight? will there be anything tonight?

2017-08-12 23:37:51 UTC  

most people have left

2017-08-12 23:38:00 UTC  

but the guys staying behind are out for blood

2017-08-12 23:38:07 UTC  

And antifa tends to be more active at night too

2017-08-12 23:38:28 UTC  

@Greg88 i was thinking tha, but i was also thinking the other side might be as well

2017-08-12 23:38:41 UTC  

im sure ppl are at hotels regrouping and making new plans

2017-08-12 23:39:02 UTC  

Im talking to guys who say commies are staying at the same hotels as nazis

2017-08-12 23:39:21 UTC  


2017-08-12 23:39:34 UTC  

so yeah shits gonna go down im imagining they are regrouping

2017-08-12 23:41:12 UTC  


2017-08-12 23:41:57 UTC  

I hope no blood is spilt
Its not the time and its stupid to just kill random commies

2017-08-12 23:42:09 UTC  

As much as they have it comming

2017-08-12 23:42:51 UTC  

**everyone wants to be a gangster until it's time to do gangster shit**

2017-08-12 23:43:13 UTC  

Its simply not the time for gangster shit yet

2017-08-12 23:43:31 UTC  

There will be a time, its not now

2017-08-12 23:44:12 UTC  

So much fun debating a "Anarchist" on Twitter

2017-08-12 23:44:31 UTC  

Tbh i am considering what would happen if we just publicly stated that we're glad three commies died