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Big grats @Logan and @missliterallywho !

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Just a note; I really appreciate the media that you guys post here. I find my self using it a lot to wake up family, friends and co-workers. 👌🏻

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Good morning to Logan, Courtney, and their new baby!

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I'm excited for you guy! babies, especially your first change who you are for the better. I never knew how deeply I could feel until I had my children. They also ignite a passion to make a place for them in the world.

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Good morning 🌞<:deye:359010025223618570>

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@Logan @missliterallywho . Congratulations.😁

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Good morning to everyone except those who don't congratulate @Logan and @missliterallywho

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A rather broad request but does anyone have any interesting links to Columbus day, preferably from a our guy source

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Definetly not our guys, still a pretty good article though

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Morning all, congrats to the new parents!

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Congratulations @missliterallywho @Logan

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They named the baby Patrick of course

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You know, because they were told to.

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Congratulations @Logan and @missliterallywho !!!!

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“You will name this baby Patrick.”

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I honestly wanted to name my daughter Athena

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but my wife was having none of it

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@Logan @missliterallywho Congratulations!

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I'm know I'm probably late to the party with this one, but this is why we can, must, and WILL win:

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RIP Logan and Courtney's notification bar

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*You have 10,000 new messages...*

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Congrats @missliterallywho @Logan and welcome Baby Logan!
*10,001* <:teehee:381917632359563264>

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*trying to put the newborn to sleep*
“For the love of God, Logan, please shut off discord notifications”

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@Logan @missliterallywho thank you for continuing the flow <:deye:359010025223618570>

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Congrats on the IE baby!

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@Logan @missliterallywho congrats on bringing a new soul into this world!

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"Brooklyn Democrats..."

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protip when dealing with boomers regarding the topic of our greatest ally: America first, not israel first

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"...He essentially held the state budget hostage in the spring until he won concessions for religious schools known as yeshivas, "...

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>On the corner next to the polling place, a volunteer in a prayer shawl handed out sample ballots written in Hebrew that directed people to vote for Mr. Felder. “I know Simcha,” said Pinchas, the volunteer, who like many of the people interviewed gave only his first name because he wanted to maintain his privacy. Mr. Felder, he said, had been “fighting for our schools — everything that the rabbis want.”

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Wonder how many "disadvantaged, urban, etc., etc. ,etc." yoots of color they're gonna let in...

2018-09-17 18:05:06 UTC