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2018-09-18 00:34:26 UTC  

true, but I think it’s a matter of necessity for Russia

2018-09-18 00:35:04 UTC  

I think China will happily screw them over when it becomes convenient

2018-09-18 00:35:08 UTC  

Those vids of the Russian armor in that military exercise were pretty cool.

2018-09-18 00:35:25 UTC  

China’s economy is hollow. IMO

2018-09-18 00:35:39 UTC  

I mean ours too but in a different way.

2018-09-18 00:35:52 UTC  

Granted both are debt ridden.

2018-09-18 00:36:04 UTC  

they’ll still eat us for lunch if we don’t get our act together..

2018-09-18 00:36:37 UTC  

Eh. They need the consumer base and our infinite flow of capital. If our economy collapses so does a large extent of Chinas

2018-09-18 00:37:27 UTC  

I don’t mean in terms of muh military spending, I mean in terms of being a serious country

2018-09-18 00:38:01 UTC  

who is "us"

2018-09-18 00:38:10 UTC  

the US

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2018-09-18 00:38:46 UTC  

I know my cal-cu-lus, you + me baby that equals US

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this should go into the #being-single channel

2018-09-18 00:39:45 UTC  

NATO? More like GAYTO

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@Freiheit - CA Kallergi Plan btfo

2018-09-18 00:41:10 UTC  

I’m sure there’s a tweet from NATO public affairs celebrating pride month or whatever

2018-09-18 00:41:10 UTC  

so you are literally right

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2018-09-18 00:52:10 UTC  

SpaceX webcast about to go live about BFR’s first passenger taking a trip around the moon, 9PM EST

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I mean with the extent of intrusion of a completely ridiculous narrative into the European sphere of thought, either there is some mental illness brain virus affecting Europeans or there is some hostile elite in positions of power and influence... hmmm.

2018-09-18 00:55:59 UTC  

Its the vaccines fault

2018-09-18 00:58:11 UTC  

he's gonna get thrown in jail

2018-09-18 01:00:56 UTC  

How’s everyone’s night goin 😎

2018-09-18 01:01:03 UTC  

Reminder that tesla and spacex don’t have diversity departments

2018-09-18 01:01:30 UTC  

It’s going well, you? @NITRODUBS

2018-09-18 01:01:55 UTC  

there _may_ have been some weebs around earlier. but fun patrol spooked 'em

2018-09-18 01:02:06 UTC  

Really good! Just got a bunch of cute fall decor for really cheap at hobby lobby. My apartment is finally not so empty lmao

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everyone ready for the *13 Reasons Why Fall Is Racist* articles?

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that reminds me, I need to get something to liven my place up. I travel a lot so I never really felt the need, but it feels too Spartan

2018-09-18 01:14:35 UTC  

I got some scented pine cones and put them in a small wicker basket on my dining table

2018-09-18 01:14:37 UTC  

Feels Gud

2018-09-18 01:14:50 UTC  

maybe some owen cyclops art