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2018-09-18 02:01:24 UTC  

@FACINEMA you ever wonder why 'they' are so successful? do you think they're so transparent in their motives?

2018-09-18 02:01:59 UTC  

No I wasn't just if I was Euro or not

2018-09-18 02:02:54 UTC  

@FACINEMA That is perhaps a question that would be more prudent to ask privately, however I will be happy to answer it publicly.

The only thing that has changed is the language on our public facing application. Identity Evropa is and will always be an organization exclusively for European-American gentiles.

2018-09-18 02:04:36 UTC  

These things are best asked via DM but since we’re discussing it here: Nothing has changed. Jewish individuals cannot join IE, and we screen for this during the interview process.

2018-09-18 02:04:53 UTC  

Thanks for letting me know

2018-09-18 02:05:52 UTC  

gentile-only club 😎

2018-09-18 02:08:08 UTC  

Is that why Patrick always calls guests on the podcast "Gents"?

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2018-09-18 02:09:54 UTC  

Tired: Goyim

Wired: Gents

2018-09-18 02:10:41 UTC  

Watching Ben Shapiro squirm uncomfortably is pretty amusing tbh:

2018-09-18 02:11:20 UTC  

*Watch Ben Shapiro Obliterate Libtard Steven Crowder*

2018-09-18 02:12:46 UTC  

Ben Shapiro forces Americans to literally DIE for Israel with FACTS and LOGIC

2018-09-18 02:12:51 UTC  

Broke: Semitic Origin
Woke: Are you born again?

2018-09-18 02:12:59 UTC  

Sorry pagans, it's a joke

2018-09-18 02:13:06 UTC  

I love you all

2018-09-18 02:13:07 UTC  

What a nasally voice Benji has

2018-09-18 02:13:54 UTC  

don't worry, the Pagans aren't snowflakes.

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2018-09-18 02:15:05 UTC  

At some point, identitarianism will become so big that we may see groups specific to one religion, but I think IE's policy is the best way forward

2018-09-18 02:15:42 UTC  

Yeah, current setup is solid fraternity.

2018-09-18 02:16:16 UTC  

The future may hold Teal crosses, Teal hammers, Teal....I dunno

2018-09-18 02:16:59 UTC  

I think it is a good idea to not mention the semetic part in the online questionnaire. For some reason that gets mentioned in every article on IE as though it were a bad thing.

2018-09-18 02:17:02 UTC  

Teal alien ships for Scientologists? <:teehee:381917632359563264>

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2018-09-18 02:17:25 UTC  

I almost spit out my coffee

2018-09-18 02:17:38 UTC  

I look forward to increasing my OT levels

2018-09-18 02:20:00 UTC  

>one minute into the SC-(((Ben))) video

2018-09-18 02:20:08 UTC  

man this circlejerk is getting out of hand

2018-09-18 02:26:01 UTC  

anyone have updates on the russia situation?

2018-09-18 02:28:35 UTC  

We shouldn't say non-Semitic European on the application because that would imply Semites can be European

2018-09-18 02:29:24 UTC  

Still should ask in the interview. Just my opinion

2018-09-18 02:30:35 UTC  

@Goose what russia situation?

2018-09-18 02:32:49 UTC  

@YourFundamentalTheorum the russian plane that "disappeared"

2018-09-18 02:32:54 UTC  

oh lol

2018-09-18 02:32:57 UTC  


2018-09-18 02:35:30 UTC  

@Goose i'm reading a russian news source rn

2018-09-18 02:35:49 UTC  

they say that the disappearance time coincides with the launching of a missile from a french cruise ship

2018-09-18 02:35:58 UTC  

did the frogs shoot down a russian airplane?

2018-09-18 02:36:05 UTC  

find out as we unroll the story

2018-09-18 03:03:43 UTC  

I ran this by some people 7-11 /ourguys/ or what? Is it a trick?

2018-09-18 03:04:36 UTC  

Fake French, goyum?, Teal?