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And now the UK invites the brown people in... <:sad:366743316475281408>

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there's a few for donald

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thats sweet

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there's often a black ship shown too

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Any of you nerds know how to recover deleted files from an external hard drive? πŸ€“

2018-09-19 20:08:22 UTC  

macdonald was kind of... pirating prone

2018-09-19 20:08:38 UTC  

Like what a legit piece of recovery software is?

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@Asatru Artist - MD man there was certainly a lot of satanic imagery

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yeah, weird stuff.

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what operating system?

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photorec would be my recommendation

2018-09-19 20:13:15 UTC  

ill give it a shot

2018-09-19 20:13:29 UTC  

I believe i deleted the files on a MAC, but they should still be there regardless right?

2018-09-19 20:13:48 UTC  

like i didn't zero over the data and i haven't even copied new files to the drive since deleting

2018-09-19 20:13:55 UTC  

obviously there is no guarantee but if you haven't done a lot of work on that disk since then yea you have a higher probability

2018-09-19 20:14:33 UTC  

if you haven't copied any files over then yea you'll most likely be able to recover it

2018-09-19 20:15:13 UTC  

I think some three letter agencies actually use photorec occasionally

2018-09-19 20:15:21 UTC  

or their version of it anyways

2018-09-19 20:16:05 UTC  

thats what I hear anyways

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I used to work in missile defense systems I'll leave it at that

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Thank you to everyone for the congratulations and kind words on our new arrival πŸ‘Ά We are so beyond blessed to have this community; it brings me to tears to know my son is already so loved by so many. We can't wait to introduce you to him.

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We're so happy for the both of you! @missliterallywho

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I'm rewatching the tunnel opening, holy shit dude

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some people are saying it's actually a representation of an old swiss myth of die teufelsbruecke

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looking into it

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People look at married men and see a level of maturity

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Also married men go out of their way to make more money to provide for their families

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Insurance companies have studied this for decades and know what they're doing. Young, single men are much more of a liability behind the wheel of a car than young, married men.

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Who here is knowledgeable on US history?

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There’s a lot of US History, big guy

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What sort

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I know the democrats were the real racists

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^^ πŸ™πŸ» πŸ™πŸ» πŸ™πŸ»