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2018-09-20 01:05:59 UTC  

We shouldn't have to be told that, that should be implied with the values such a organization like IE represent

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2018-09-20 01:06:38 UTC  

2MB limit for discord

2018-09-20 01:06:53 UTC  
2018-09-20 01:07:49 UTC  

If you're not on mercury, then you're a turkey

2018-09-20 01:07:58 UTC  

Is that the same thing as Slack?

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2018-09-20 01:08:04 UTC  

I have Slack

2018-09-20 01:08:31 UTC  

@JoeThePlumber - PA Slack for regions

2018-09-20 01:08:33 UTC  

What should the password be on our Mercury Account?

2018-09-20 01:08:36 UTC  

@JoeThePlumber - PA Slack is our local app Mercury is our national app

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2018-09-20 01:08:55 UTC  

And in my blood

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2018-09-20 01:09:25 UTC  

@Gerald Cunningham your first time visiting click on "forgot password" to set it up for the first time

2018-09-20 01:09:38 UTC  

Boomer tech life!

2018-09-20 01:09:40 UTC  

Alone on discord last member standing, stupid and alone

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2018-09-20 01:10:01 UTC  

Nietzsche's last man (on Discord).

2018-09-20 01:10:04 UTC  

i can see myself getting on Discord and wondering why everybody is gone.. i'll be like: Hello ! is anyone there?? hello!??

2018-09-20 01:10:10 UTC  
2018-09-20 01:10:21 UTC  

Thank you! @ThisIsChris

2018-09-20 01:10:34 UTC  

@Gerald Cunningham you're welcome!

2018-09-20 01:10:44 UTC  

I just got this funny image in my head of an empty room labeled discord with Everyone gone and Koba left tied to a chair.

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2018-09-20 01:11:58 UTC  

no no to the po po

2018-09-20 01:12:24 UTC  

SOVA bois chillin after BJJ. Missing out on fireside

2018-09-20 01:12:31 UTC  

"FBI agents or left wing infiltrators"

What's the difference these days?

2018-09-20 01:12:32 UTC  

If someone asks you about whether you've heard about Patrick little in a positive or at least open minded light be worth bringing IE up to?

2018-09-20 01:12:33 UTC  

give them a reason to join: "a lot of hot white people"

2018-09-20 01:12:42 UTC  

what if we do the password recovery on Mercury and don't get an email

2018-09-20 01:13:31 UTC  

Order is beautiful

2018-09-20 01:13:49 UTC  

*Perfectly balanced...*

2018-09-20 01:14:01 UTC  

Like the dragon's eye

2018-09-20 01:14:13 UTC  

Im trying to bring my family in to IE.... ;_;

2018-09-20 01:14:25 UTC  

@FACINEMA are they republicans?

2018-09-20 01:14:27 UTC  

we are a good looking bunch let's be honest.

2018-09-20 01:14:31 UTC  

IE Satellites