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I brought up Jared Taylor in passing at my college republicans meeting. Had a good conversation about the Frankfurt school and cultural Marxism too. Could be good recruiting there

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👏 👏

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Hahahaha @greg_p - TX "If someone Texas you."

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P and P is my Favorite Movie @SuperTomPerry -RI

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@V.Balboa - PA ah ok, havr u seen Downton Abbey also a great series

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Haha speaking of PA, I bought this yearbook at a used book sale recently that was put together in the 20's or something with love and craftmanship you just don't see anymore today, made a story of the class and everyone had a bio. (How many of those poor lads died in WWII?) Best part? Author's surname was Wokeatitus. WOKE-a-TITUS an affliction caused by overdose on red pills. I'd be happy to send it to someone up in PA lol.

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It was an awesome series, finally just watched Downtown Abbey! @SuperTomPerry -RI

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The existence of our people > vidya

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@TMatthews Any idea if a Future Business Leaders of America/Phi Beta Lambda would be a decent place to find guys who could be pushed over to our side?

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@NITRODUBS The hardest part with ladies is some are pretty wild, like they don't wear PINK on Wednesday.

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Downton Abbey was one of my favorite TV series I watched the whole series the second and third seasons are my favorite @SuperTomPerry -RI

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It all depends on the woman hon,just gotta check out who they really are @NITRODUBS

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DON'T LEAVE IE GUYS!!! i know we all feel bad because we feel that we are not doing enough.... some of us have more to lose than others... but please dont leave!! we love you and we need you and this is YOUR fraternity.

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"Trump's gonna save us." <:sad:366743316475281408>

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Based @Grayson

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@fgtveassassin It's a good place to find conservatives, for sure. Some might be potential recruits. They're generally happy to find anyone they can talk politics with without being called names

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The Beta Apostle vs The Chad Perseverance

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what do we do if our profile says we haven't paid dues but we paid recently?

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do we have a Baby Server ?

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Is Patrick NS posting?

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Support those babies! 😊

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Rocky mountain IE !!!!

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While we’re on this topic thank you everyone for your gifts! My wife and I are so grateful!

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@The MorríganCongratulations by the way!!!😊❤

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Congrats? I am not pregnant haha @celticflame

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brb got to yell at my chinese rooomate to be quiet

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Oh,oops,wrong one lol😂 @The Morrígan

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@Reinhard Wolff Are the new posters being sent to regional coordinators or the state coordinator?

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OFF-E-YU-KUSS @Reinhard Wolff

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@Brunswick This is library

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@Reinhard Wolff What are your thoughts on the onion pill?

2018-09-20 01:53:01 UTC  

@Cardiff I did that a few weeks back. Went very well, but be ready for lots of civnat boomers

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Just bought something for @Felden - CO 👶🏻 👌🏻

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I don't know his actual name since its like 4 words so I call him Scooter