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2018-09-20 04:16:00 UTC  

SWPL trains

2018-09-20 04:17:45 UTC  

Sorry I peaced out, "inlaws" came over

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2018-09-20 04:20:29 UTC  

Have you priced in @GSrider or what?

2018-09-20 04:21:13 UTC  

Priced what?

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2018-09-20 04:24:08 UTC  

@TylerHess I have no clue what this band is saying half the time (Gaelic?), but it's pretty awesome regardless.

2018-09-20 04:25:13 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Eluveite ? Yeah, I think sing in Swiss, French, English, even Romanian?

2018-09-20 04:25:59 UTC  

Maybe it's Swiss I'm hearing that I don't understand. I would think I would at least recognize French. 🤔

2018-09-20 04:26:04 UTC  

Supposedly some Gaulish lyrics too

2018-09-20 04:26:38 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I like this Eluveite. It's amazing how many European (excluding British) bands simply aren't know here. I've always like the Ravonettes. Danish.

2018-09-20 04:26:52 UTC  

what are yall talkinb about today

2018-09-20 04:26:53 UTC  

good sirs

2018-09-20 04:27:03 UTC  

Music mostly, and trains

2018-09-20 04:27:16 UTC  

ooh trains

2018-09-20 04:27:16 UTC  

And rockets!

2018-09-20 04:27:26 UTC  

Elon Musk is /ourguy/

2018-09-20 04:27:30 UTC  

@YourFundamentalTheorum Music. And Whites who are NEAT and TIDY.

2018-09-20 04:27:42 UTC  

^ or not... <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-09-20 04:28:21 UTC  

And yes, rockets. Toy rockets. Like een a buke for Cheeldren.

2018-09-20 04:28:38 UTC  

👌 🏼

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2018-09-20 04:30:43 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Is your space so not feng shui? I'm sitting out here in the middle of no where. Owls and bobcats and red-tailed hawks don't care about no feng shui. They're all about the meat.

2018-09-20 04:31:09 UTC  

🅱 ased

2018-09-20 04:32:28 UTC  

Ha ha brother. (((Who))) owns the press? But we must treat them like the morally-superior victims while they gnaw at our vitals.

2018-09-20 04:34:59 UTC  

@OMGDwayne "(((They))) cry in pain as they strike you."

2018-09-20 04:35:23 UTC  

Also, no, Feng and Shui left the building long ago.

2018-09-20 04:36:56 UTC  

I would like to introduce this fine fellow as possibly being one of us:

2018-09-20 04:43:43 UTC  

And I'm sure this gentleman needs no introduction. Of course he MARRIED a BLACK woman. This is inexplicable to me because he seems to be red-pilled. Maybe it all is just a joke:

2018-09-20 05:20:25 UTC  

@OMGDwayne I met Anthony jeselnik in Denver about 5 years ago. Love his stand up. He's the exact opposite of his act in person.

2018-09-20 05:21:00 UTC  

Although I know he dated (((Amy Schumer))) for awhile.

2018-09-20 05:28:56 UTC  

@Sonic That must have been super fun to meet Jeselnik. Yeah Schumer is a hot mess. Note that he pulled on back from that. Check out this interview with Jeselnik. The interviewer is a heart-breaking White woman:
Of course any (((woman))) who takes it all the way with Jeselnik is probably not hopeless. Jeselnik was on "Getting in Bed with Joan Rivers. She asked him if his parents hated Jews. Jeselnik responded, "Not nearly enough in my opinion."

2018-09-20 05:30:51 UTC  

@OMGDwayne Hahaha awesome. I'm going to look for that interview.

2018-09-20 05:33:33 UTC  

somehow I doubt it's gonna pass

2018-09-20 05:35:23 UTC  

Brothers. It will pass eventually. Sooner than later. We're on the cusp of something major. I've seen it stirring for decades. Now it our time.

2018-09-20 05:35:49 UTC  

Wow that's Huge! @Sonic Hope it passes!

2018-09-20 05:48:27 UTC  

If it doesn't pass, our numbers only grow.

2018-09-20 05:48:40 UTC