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luckily they hadn't dimsissed the final juror yet so she just defaulted to dismissing her and the trial finished

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Ok good

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Yeah jury duty is a meme

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There's no fine if you don't show up

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But if everyone knows that then nobody shows up and they have to start issuing fines

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>tfw didn't get chosen
>tfw it was a gang crime

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white male

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Nope. It was a gang related assault.

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Fucking bullshit
I wanted in.

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why would you _not_ show up? It's fun, and better to have #WOKEAFNIGGAZ than leftists

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i mean i guess you could bring a little justice to the (((court system)))

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Well, at least the alt-sodomite is being explicit about using failed tactics to advance their failed ideology

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Pretty damn good knowing that Google is being fucked over rn

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Anyone Who says the Confederate flag stands for racism should give me all their dollar bills

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They literally used niggers as farm equipment

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Racism is redpilled

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Union is better kek

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The Confederacy was more American than the Union

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How about how the union violated the Constitution, provoked the Confederacy into war, and treated then horribly after. All while not actually freeing northern slaved until the war finished. Abraham Lincoln in today's standards would be a Democrat. The Confederacy fought for less central government, and rights the Constitution said they had

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I don't advocate slavery

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But then again a majority of Confederate soldiers didn't own slaves

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@MinisterOfEnlightenment me neither and yes its true. It was only the wealthy who owned slaves. Both blacks and whites. And even then it was a very small minority.

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@MinisterOfEnlightenment Wasn't Lincoln a racist as well?

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He thought blacks were sub human

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Well that sucks more ass than a vacuum sex toy

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fucking brutal lmao

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That reminds me a lot of Christian Weston Chandler

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Don;t talk about Chris Chan

2017-08-09 18:03:30 UTC