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2018-09-23 02:43:48 UTC  

They will never be truly safe there, too many enemies. They are outnumbered & outgunned. Let Africa be for Blacks & Arabs, we'll keep the US & Europe.

2018-09-23 02:44:31 UTC  

theyre sturdy Biblical white folks, theyll pull through

2018-09-23 02:44:38 UTC  

The United states has mass deported people based on ethnicity at least half a dozen times

2018-09-23 02:44:47 UTC  

you see

2018-09-23 02:44:59 UTC  

Chinese x1, mexicans x2, Indians x3

2018-09-23 02:45:24 UTC  

@DairyMaxx what used to be our neighborhoods can be ours again. The Hispanics can be deported with ease, their land shares a border with ours. Round them up & send them back after the wall is built & the border patrol & the national guard merge & become the Soverign Guard.

2018-09-23 02:46:00 UTC  

And when I mean mass, I mean millions

2018-09-23 02:46:19 UTC  

And oh wait I missed when we annexed mexican territory so x3

2018-09-23 02:46:32 UTC  

I think you mean 4x

2018-09-23 02:46:45 UTC  

the great deportation of the 21st century

2018-09-23 02:46:47 UTC  

:^ )

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2018-09-23 02:48:29 UTC  

we could honeypot seasteading into the greatest atlantic mexican fiesta of all time and deport them all to africa on a huge cruise boat

2018-09-23 02:48:38 UTC  

*slaps prison boat* you can fit so many non-whites in this m**herf**ker

2018-09-23 02:48:43 UTC  

you just have to be creative

2018-09-23 02:50:59 UTC  

Theyve infested the park by the gated community im rooming in, I can hear them defile their own language at almost all hours of the day and night

2018-09-23 02:52:00 UTC  

Yikes, can you sleep with your windows open?

2018-09-23 02:53:11 UTC  

It depends on how many loud drunks there are

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2018-09-23 02:55:51 UTC  

Honestly, double or triple the worth of handouts to send one person back is a huge net positive in terms of profits.

I'd easily spend $200,000 for each one if that meant we'd save a total of $500,000 in the long run.

2018-09-23 02:58:26 UTC  

We gotta find a way to get the idea that being in white nations is a bad thing. Some how get the sentiment among POC to self-repatriate.

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Okay, this is *just about what I'd expect*

2018-09-23 03:05:01 UTC  

A new era

2018-09-23 03:05:08 UTC

2018-09-23 03:06:00 UTC  

A new era of broken marriages has been unleashed

2018-09-23 03:07:55 UTC  

I'd say it's a honeypot...
...oh, who am I kidding?

2018-09-23 03:08:59 UTC  

šŸ˜‚ NSM is such trash.

2018-09-23 03:10:14 UTC  

How did Matt Heimbach fall so far? He was a middle class university student.

2018-09-23 03:10:35 UTC  

They don't even act out the very beliefs they say they protect. "What values exactly?" <:thinkplant:359034245777457173>

2018-09-23 03:10:48 UTC  

Greetings fellow Mario Kart enthusiasts, Iā€™m pleased to report that I have won the Golden Cup.

2018-09-23 03:10:58 UTC  

@ChippedStones funny you say that.

2018-09-23 03:11:18 UTC  

"muh trad-values".....*is actually a lying, cheating, degenerate*

2018-09-23 03:11:37 UTC  

@Deleted User my game cube also has this mod.

2018-09-23 03:11:47 UTC  

Granted we didn't do nothing - quite the opposite - but it's been quite fun to see those who've tried to destroy us self destruct

2018-09-23 03:11:52 UTC  

interesting year

2018-09-23 03:12:57 UTC  

What in the world did I just watch @Deleted User?

2018-09-23 03:13:37 UTC  

We were the smart ones & foresaw the crash after the rush of trump. We stood & smiled while all the others ran around & yelled.

2018-09-23 03:13:57 UTC  

That was the funniest thing I saw all day šŸ˜ƒ @Deleted User