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2018-09-24 03:18:51 UTC  

That is interesting. It has occurred to me that Whites not only created the modern world, we also created the world of make believe. This is why people from all other races are trying to force their way into our fictions.

2018-09-24 03:19:18 UTC  

What does everybody think about the latest allegations against Kavanaugh?

2018-09-24 03:19:40 UTC  

Latest? Aside from that first one?

2018-09-24 03:21:29 UTC  

A woman named Deborah Ramirez accused him of teabagging her at a college party when they were both 18. Michael Avenatti just claimed to be representing a client that accused Kavanaugh of organizing gang rapes.

2018-09-24 03:21:44 UTC  

Just checked internet. Saw headlines.

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does anyone remember the lnk to transition from Discord to the new server? I cannot locate that email that had the links and explained how to do it.

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link *

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i should try to do this when I am so tired 😩 i drove all day and my brain is fried.

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@Hakujin - CA That's just pathetic. All of these womyn are obvious liars. The quantity of liars doesn't make them any more true. 1 x 0 = 0 & 6,000,000 x 0 = 0.

2018-09-24 03:23:43 UTC  

Avenatti successfully took down Cohen.

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Many of Kavanaugh's fellow Yale classmates have disputed the claims made by Deborah Ramirez.

2018-09-24 03:26:10 UTC  

Ramirez used to work for Soros

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@TV I need a link on that.

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En route

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"In 2004, she was selected as a Soros Senior Fellow by the Open Society Institute. She is an elected director of the Harvard Alumni Association Board and a member of the Board of Advisors for Harvard Law School’s Civil Rights/Civil Liberties Law Review."

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@Hakujin - CA 👆 👆 👆

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idk about y'all, but i'm seeing an increase of laugh reacts to these accusations from normie boomers

2018-09-24 03:34:50 UTC  

Yeah, nobody is buying it.

2018-09-24 03:35:48 UTC  

i do like the Q-larp speculation about Kavanaugh's involvement/stance on military tribunals

2018-09-24 03:38:22 UTC  

I missed that one, but I always tune Q posting out

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Brett Kavanaugh teabagged me in fortnite put me on CNN the world must know

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I hope Deborah Ramirez' claims are true. A guy like that is sure to be good for the right.
(not endorsing teabagging college girls)

2018-09-24 03:41:31 UTC  

>in college

The parents are the real criminals here

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Isn't teabagging the act of putting one's scrotum into another's mouth?

2018-09-24 03:43:16 UTC  

That but in Halo

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And plus, he was the self proclaimed and unopposed mayor of Keg City.

2018-09-24 03:43:39 UTC  

@Rick yes. The Dems love to make headlines as disgusting as possible. The Stormy Daniels thing and this are like bonus points for the long-nosed people who want to degrade the morality of the nation even further.

2018-09-24 03:44:50 UTC  

#metoo some rogue did it to me in battle for arathi basin in WoW

2018-09-24 03:45:12 UTC  

the left need to stop kink-shamming Kavanaugh.
besides, it's not like he chose to identify as a bag of tea

2018-09-24 03:45:18 UTC  

Call me a mysoginyst, but wouldn't teabagging require the consent of the "teapot?" If it didn't, you would only come back with the tea tag and string?

2018-09-24 03:45:25 UTC  

"Kavenaugh is a rapist who assaults women with his White man frat!" also J media "people have predjudice against sex workers and sluts and that is wrong" pick one.

2018-09-24 03:45:43 UTC  

I demand free epic loot in restituition

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what was that lindsay grahm thing about "white men"?

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basically any one to the right of huckabee who wasnt a total incel loser can be #metoo

2018-09-24 03:47:31 UTC