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Lol, he got bored of these women at said parties and was like "where are my bros at?"

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someone needs to ask him "what are saturdays for?"

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Actually last night was wild at my school.

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This dude needs to find the keeto section of the Kosher food.

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Well my school beat VT in football last night in a huge upset. So yea it was insane

2018-09-24 02:52:06 UTC  

I was at a party elsewhere but some of my buddies were here.

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"no pan European culture"
Indo-European languages?

And you gotta love how he completely dodged the rebuttal of "Asian" categorization being as valid as White

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Earlier, you mentioned Robert E. Howard. Are you a fan of Conan, by chance?

2018-09-24 03:00:52 UTC  

@Rick Henlo

2018-09-24 03:01:00 UTC  

Yeah. To an extent.

2018-09-24 03:01:46 UTC  

Marvel is rebooting the Conan comic series, this coming January. It will be the first new book I have purchased in a few years.

2018-09-24 03:02:13 UTC  

>giving marvel money

2018-09-24 03:02:22 UTC  

I will buy it second hand

2018-09-24 03:02:27 UTC  

ata boy

2018-09-24 03:03:29 UTC  

Considering how good their current poz-laden filth is, I am sure it will be lining bird cages and blanketing hobos a day after it hits the shelves.

2018-09-24 03:04:28 UTC  

One could, hypothetically, read it without paying marvel in any way

2018-09-24 03:04:42 UTC  

Of course we never would do such a thing

2018-09-24 03:04:51 UTC  

Yeah, just go into the store, read it, and leave.

2018-09-24 03:06:49 UTC  

Check out @sadfishguy’s Tweet: Check the comments section of the tweet for whole article.

2018-09-24 03:07:00 UTC  

I was talking about why I don't think an all white LotR series would do well, because it is held hostage to the main, already complete story. This isn't the case with Conan, because Conan was low-fantasy, with no over-arching plot, because REH himself told the tales of Conan out of order, and because REH committed suicide before making it clear whether was done telling tales of Conan - which he probably wasn't.

2018-09-24 03:08:23 UTC  

Anyway, the Hyborian Age is where I occassionally leap into to escape from this painful reality.

2018-09-24 03:10:12 UTC  

It is quite clear though that the (((MSEI))) [jewish mainstream entertainment industry] has run out of ideas. All they can do is appeal to nostalgia, and they cannot do that without cucking the hell out of the source material.

2018-09-24 03:10:47 UTC  

True. At least our honorary friends in glorious Nippon still imagibe new tales

2018-09-24 03:12:25 UTC  

Never been too much into anime, but I have a cousin who buys my goys Studio Ghibli films for Christmas - and I like those. My goys also watch pokemon. All of that is better than any of the GRIDS-garbage on American television.

2018-09-24 03:17:33 UTC  

@Rick Howard said it felt like Conan was dictating his stories to him, and Tolkien got the idea of Numenor from a recurring nightmare about Atlantis sinking. It's sort of an odd coincidence that Lovecraft was writing his stuff around the same time period based on his dreams.

2018-09-24 03:18:51 UTC  

That is interesting. It has occurred to me that Whites not only created the modern world, we also created the world of make believe. This is why people from all other races are trying to force their way into our fictions.

2018-09-24 03:19:18 UTC  

What does everybody think about the latest allegations against Kavanaugh?

2018-09-24 03:19:40 UTC  

Latest? Aside from that first one?

2018-09-24 03:21:29 UTC  

A woman named Deborah Ramirez accused him of teabagging her at a college party when they were both 18. Michael Avenatti just claimed to be representing a client that accused Kavanaugh of organizing gang rapes.

2018-09-24 03:21:44 UTC  

Just checked internet. Saw headlines.

2018-09-24 03:21:56 UTC  

does anyone remember the lnk to transition from Discord to the new server? I cannot locate that email that had the links and explained how to do it.

2018-09-24 03:22:07 UTC  

link *

2018-09-24 03:23:01 UTC  

i should try to do this when I am so tired 😩 i drove all day and my brain is fried.

2018-09-24 03:23:04 UTC  

@Hakujin - CA That's just pathetic. All of these womyn are obvious liars. The quantity of liars doesn't make them any more true. 1 x 0 = 0 & 6,000,000 x 0 = 0.

2018-09-24 03:23:43 UTC  

Avenatti successfully took down Cohen.