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Good to know it was dealt with.
Off to gym! Don't neglect to do some exercise today, huwyte people!

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If you can't get out to the gym, or are feeling generally lazy, just do some pushups. 100 broken up into 5 sets of 20 should be good enough. Go at it boys. Bonus points for fingertip pushups.

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DM me for the Slav server

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There's no germanic server, is there?

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Make one

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There's a med server

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@Jacob No real interest in it

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That's the problem with alot of the Central x Northern Europeans. Pretty individualistic, generally.

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Anglos too to a lesser extent.

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@Deleted User This ain't it, chief.

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The eternal anglo-lo-lo:

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Tfw entirely northwestern european

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Solzhenitsyn was Russian, though...

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@Deleted User you should come to a med festival some time dude you'll die of sensory overload

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@Alex Kolchak - NY Yeah, but KBP isn't 😉

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anyway, we all need to work on working collectively (as a people, that is)

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I think there is a yuge viking ship touring the east coast rn btw

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The draken

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@Alex Kolchak - NY Kermit B. Peterson 😏

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oh lol

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@Kingfish I felt like I needed to retire and take a brief rest after listening to you and @Alerio ~~shout over each other for 30 minutes~~ converse at Defend Identity

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How much groceries should I buy at a time?

2018-09-24 19:16:26 UTC  

Still figuring out this living alone stuff

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I know I already talked about this but I keep realizing that there's something I don't have that I could use

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Do you mealprep @Jacob

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that sounds like it would take up more time than just buying whatever is on sale in large enough amounts to last me a week

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get essential spices like salt, pepper, garlic powder, crushed red pepper, italian seasoning, whatever else and some garlic and olive oil. then buy another spice or two each week and buy a different type of meat every few days/every week and progressively grow your pantry and learn basic stuff from the ground up

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@Max Bianco - NY I thought ypipo didn't use spices. 🤔

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well then if you wanna be extra huwhite, just boil your meat and skip all the spices

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Bland Ypipo Nationalism

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@Deleted User "Anglos too to a lesser extent"


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@Jacob I mealprep so I get everything I need Sunday then cook. Saves extreme amounts of time. Grab and go

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@Max Bianco - NY Are all those spices gonna come up in meals by themselves since they're so common, or should I look up what to do with them?

2018-09-24 19:25:09 UTC  

Those spices will be useful literally every day.