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2018-09-26 04:20:10 UTC  

Gn for real this time

2018-09-26 04:20:37 UTC  

did he really just say *not* to @YourFundamentalTheorum him? 🤔 <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-09-26 04:20:54 UTC  

Night ya'll.

2018-09-26 04:21:09 UTC  

Never tell people what not to's a recipe for disaster.

2018-09-26 04:21:11 UTC  

@ThisIsChris Is it worth getting a subscription on Spokeo? I was thinking of doing it just to mess around and see what I can dig up on people I know

2018-09-26 04:21:14 UTC  

criminal records, etc

2018-09-26 04:21:17 UTC  

My mom worked at a Jewish retirement home and is semi-aware of the supremacist feelings amongst them, I was talking about what Jews think will happen during their version of the apocalypse and got to some part where they believe all non-jews will come to the Jews for guidance and worship them and she said "Of course they believe that"

2018-09-26 04:21:48 UTC  

@Jacob I think it's worth it. I use it a decent amount

2018-09-26 04:22:04 UTC  

I bet Jews are hoping the end of days happens on a Saturday so they don't have to do anything...

2018-09-26 04:22:52 UTC  

What do you do with it?

2018-09-26 04:22:58 UTC

2018-09-26 04:23:17 UTC  

A red heifer was born in Israel, which is part of the prophecy for armageddon and the rise of the antichrist (Jewish Messiah)

2018-09-26 04:23:19 UTC  

Ever find something shocking about someone? @ThisIsChris

2018-09-26 04:23:20 UTC  

Sorry but I love these.

2018-09-26 04:23:26 UTC  

Bad content

2018-09-26 04:23:56 UTC  

That's the only content I make... 😔

2018-09-26 04:24:24 UTC  

Weebs should be ashamed

2018-09-26 04:24:32 UTC  

@Jacob "shocking" no but I often use it to see if some piece of information is enough to identify someone, more of an opsec check than anything else

2018-09-26 04:24:36 UTC  

*SHAME SHAME SHAME* <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-09-26 04:24:45 UTC  

Despite what she said and my dad's feelings on race though they're still pretty lefty, my dad says the R's will be the death of the middle class, which I don't entirely disagree with (wow another tax cut for billionares where's my wall) but can't see that the Dems will be the death of his family and his people

2018-09-26 04:25:26 UTC  

@ThisIsChris Does it show criminal records and that kind of stuff?

2018-09-26 04:25:26 UTC  

both current parties are worthless

2018-09-26 04:26:00 UTC  

There's a guy I worked with who apparently has quite a record but I don't know the specifics

2018-09-26 04:26:00 UTC  

@Jacob yes if it's indexed. I think some documents they will show you they have them but you have to pay extra for access. It's not a big upcharge though

2018-09-26 04:26:02 UTC  

I keep trying to slip things to my dad because he's right there but its frustrating when he says things like " noticed most of the kids leaving the middle school weren't that white" yet is a devoted dem

2018-09-26 04:26:44 UTC  

"dad, your people are being replaced...and you can see it right there"

2018-09-26 04:27:10 UTC  

@fgtveassassin I experience the same. Everyone I know on LI is racially aware but also Democrat or independent

2018-09-26 04:27:13 UTC  

both of my parents are/were right leaning and pretty racially aware.

2018-09-26 04:27:46 UTC  

hmm apparently court records are an add on subscription

2018-09-26 04:27:54 UTC  

might be better to just pay for a court record service

2018-09-26 04:28:13 UTC  

I know someone that does credit card collections. They have access to tons of info for the right price. The program they use let them only use the lowest level. What someone with law enforcement can see on their is probably crazy at the higher levels.

2018-09-26 04:28:24 UTC  

He might be too far into the boomer (he's not a boomer fyi) mindset of "There's black's and n***s" right now but I'm hoping I can push him a little

2018-09-26 04:29:53 UTC  

"There was that mortifying blog that I'd started in high school, still up for all the world to see! My report even included embarrassing photographs of myself that I'd totally forgotten about. I couldn't believe that TruthFinder even found my secret social media profiles that I'd created under an alias. The sheer volume of data about me was definitely scary. I feel like a perfect stranger could look me up on TruthFinder and find out my entire life story."

2018-09-26 04:29:59 UTC  

I wonder how true this is

2018-09-26 04:30:05 UTC  

It can supposedly uncover your sock accounts?

2018-09-26 04:30:40 UTC  

For spokeo?

2018-09-26 04:31:06 UTC  

I just searched myself and a few friends and nothing came up for any of them nor myself

2018-09-26 04:31:38 UTC  

Or is it specifially for criminal searches?

2018-09-26 04:33:46 UTC  

Creepy, I just looked myself up and it shows all the towns I've lived in, my age, parents, etc...

2018-09-26 04:34:21 UTC  

@fgtveassassin Truthfinder