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2018-09-26 05:30:04 UTC  

but I still want to be remembered by more than my family 😂

2018-09-26 05:30:06 UTC  

@Deleted User shiieeeeet

2018-09-26 05:30:11 UTC  

i don't want my grave to grow over with weeds

2018-09-26 05:30:26 UTC  

and eventually bulldozed over for a highrise

2018-09-26 05:30:38 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN yeah. And I don’t believe in any weird shit either. It was the same figure.

2018-09-26 05:30:59 UTC  

Call the Paranormies!

2018-09-26 05:31:36 UTC  

There were no signs of probing thank god 😳

2018-09-26 05:31:47 UTC  

I have heard the brain is wired to patterns, and "vaguely man shaped" is one such pattern. the stress of sleep paralysis triggers that pattern

2018-09-26 05:31:51 UTC  

Only nightmare I've had multiple times and can remember is being chased through an endless corn field by a red baron style plane in the middle of the night under a moon.

2018-09-26 05:32:14 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN that literally explains it.

2018-09-26 05:32:18 UTC  

my worst nightmare ever was having my dad execute me on the guillotine in a dystopian world

2018-09-26 05:32:21 UTC  

Case closed

2018-09-26 05:32:38 UTC  


2018-09-26 05:32:42 UTC  

@YourFundamentalTheorum Who knows, maybe IE or its successor will take care of us in decades to come... not to LARP. It is a wholesome LARP.

2018-09-26 05:32:54 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Valle de IE?

2018-09-26 05:34:44 UTC  

I've only had one reoccuring theme in my dreams about some personal things in my family and man, dreams never really meant anything to me, I still don't feel they have a "meaning" but I mean I always just passed them off, but those really mess me up when I wake up

2018-09-26 05:34:52 UTC  

Not to damper the mood or anything

2018-09-26 05:36:49 UTC  

dreams don't mean anything

2018-09-26 05:36:52 UTC  

@fgtveassassin it’s weird how a dream can actually stick with you.

2018-09-26 05:36:52 UTC  

but they influecne you

2018-09-26 05:37:38 UTC  

I rarely ever have dreams, but when I do they're weirdly intense. I also sometimes realize partway through a dream that something is too unrealistic, change it, then continue dreaming

2018-09-26 05:37:45 UTC  

Yeah, on a lighter note, i do remember a dream fom when I was like 6-7 probably and I was like fighting my cat, even though I loved him

2018-09-26 05:39:48 UTC  

I do sleep-fight at times
I often awake with a hurt hand from flailing.

2018-09-26 05:40:38 UTC  

The most intense dream I can remember involved a girl being pregnant with my child and me begging her not to abort it. That had me shook, but luckily the situation will never arise because I plan on waiting for marriage.

2018-09-26 05:41:25 UTC  

@TMatthews That is heartening in a way. Your dream self has integrity

2018-09-26 05:42:04 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN i would actually be super down for a mausoleum for IE members

2018-09-26 05:42:40 UTC  

I always love to visit mausoleums and commemorate those who wish to not be forgotten

2018-09-26 05:43:25 UTC  

When the Smithsonian gets a museum on nationalism, there can be a wall with the names of the first 1,000 IE members lol

2018-09-26 05:44:24 UTC  

that's perennial tbh

2018-09-26 05:44:39 UTC  

we need to replace the pool outside the washington memorial with this

2018-09-26 05:44:55 UTC  

possibly just elongate it

2018-09-26 05:45:04 UTC  

Well, I would be happy with a simple tree over a simple stone along my future wife. But I wouldn't say no to monuments either.

2018-09-26 05:45:33 UTC  
2018-09-26 05:46:00 UTC  

admit it, you would want this to be your burial place

2018-09-26 05:46:08 UTC  

Jared Taylor memorial in DC when?

2018-09-26 05:46:21 UTC

2018-09-26 05:46:38 UTC  

"Memorial for victims of the white struggle"

2018-09-26 05:46:39 UTC  

Not quite as epic. But this is how they do in Germany.

2018-09-26 05:47:09 UTC  

I like the shrubbery around the mound

2018-09-26 05:47:12 UTC  

I guess that's very homely, but this does't address the bulldozer quesion