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2018-09-26 18:16:22 UTC  

I'm still curious, how would avoiding being with girls alone stop her and her buddies from just making something up? Not trying to put you on the spot or anything, you're allowed to disagree here.

2018-09-26 18:16:59 UTC  

@Jacob it wouldn't

2018-09-26 18:17:33 UTC  

it all comes down to the court of public opinion nowadays.
that's why you never cuck and always double down on your stance

2018-09-26 18:18:02 UTC  

@Jacob always keep documentation of where you are

2018-09-26 18:18:15 UTC  

if you get falsely accused, then you must become more offended than the accusing party

2018-09-26 18:18:53 UTC  

"how dare you use the plight of true victims as a smokescreen to achieve some personal vendetta you have against me!"

2018-09-26 18:18:57 UTC  

@Jacob Ah, that's the rub. The witness is your buddy or neither's buddy.

2018-09-26 18:19:17 UTC  

Two girls can definitely conspire.

2018-09-26 18:19:32 UTC  

I mean

2018-09-26 18:19:47 UTC  

some girls who literally never met you could just make stuff up

2018-09-26 18:20:14 UTC  

They can do that WITHOUT witnesses and more easily. It is about setting up obstacles and defenses.

2018-09-26 18:20:18 UTC  

people can cut audio clips and photoshop these days

2018-09-26 18:20:26 UTC  

No defense is perfect

2018-09-26 18:20:42 UTC  

Man you just can't trust liberal women generally

2018-09-26 18:20:51 UTC  

can't trust liberals in general

2018-09-26 18:21:02 UTC  

I hugged a girl one time saying good bye and she accused me of groping her

2018-09-26 18:21:09 UTC  

People could just lie and say "oh ya we we risky witnesses lol"

2018-09-26 18:21:11 UTC  

later that night

2018-09-26 18:21:32 UTC  

@Procella Eques it's the attention factor

2018-09-26 18:21:49 UTC  

groping her as in grabbing her ass

2018-09-26 18:21:57 UTC  

Autistic discrete audio records would be hard to contest, especially if she has no comparable piece.

2018-09-26 18:22:17 UTC  

I certainly did not do that

2018-09-26 18:22:21 UTC  

but i will say conservatives have the best women, and IE has the best of them
we've got great stock, folks

2018-09-26 18:22:46 UTC  

But Yes, I agree it is all about risk mitigation and the best filter is avoid hard leftists.

2018-09-26 18:23:03 UTC  

Or even liberals

2018-09-26 18:23:23 UTC  

Apolitical and rightward

2018-09-26 18:23:24 UTC  

Yea I would say the Mike Pence rule is probably best

2018-09-26 18:23:44 UTC  

if you're married that is

2018-09-26 18:23:53 UTC  

@ThisIsChris sorry just displaying my anger for the anitwhite hate. Never said anything racial.

2018-09-26 18:24:53 UTC  

>get accused of rape
>claim you're muslim

2018-09-26 18:26:17 UTC  

In Europe Muslims avoid jail by calling sexual assault "sexual emergencies" <:sad:366743316475281408> 😡

2018-09-26 18:27:04 UTC  

what the hell does that even mean

2018-09-26 18:27:40 UTC  

@Felix No violence is our biggest rule, we'll never win if we look for quick solutions, please check <#405211244023382016> .

2018-09-26 18:28:20 UTC  

any time i'm dealing with rabid feminists and their ilk, i virtue signal that i'm a better feminist because i believe women have the right to self defense with a firearm instead of relying on the patriarchal and racist police

2018-09-26 18:28:26 UTC  

@ThisIsChris Indeed. We may lose in the short term. However, we'll win the war.

2018-09-26 18:29:33 UTC  

Yep, so long as you're free then you will be able to proceed with your long term plans

2018-09-26 18:36:49 UTC  

The bigger problem is those countries let the desert invaders get away with it. 😡

2018-09-26 18:37:12 UTC  

All in the name of "diversity" and "tolerance". <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-26 18:39:21 UTC  

Murdoch Chan's quote of, "England is dead" is very true IMO

2018-09-26 18:43:21 UTC  

Yeah, once the most powerful force on the planet, now they hand their country over to brown invaders.