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When the race of the offender was known, 54.2 percent were Black or African American, 43.1 percent were White, and 2.6 percent were of other races. The race was unknown for 5,368 offenders. (Based on Expanded Homicide Data Table 3.)

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Can anyone find a similar race break down for rape?

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Blacks being 12 percent of the poulation.

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Whites being roughly 55-60% depending on the source.

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FBI table 43

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That's in 2012 though my dude

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How is that a white pill?

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@Clarion -FL Don't get my hopes up like that. :(

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*I didn't look at the year.

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lol. sorry, friend.

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@Jacob I'm only seeing up to Table 24 . hmmm.. Would you link to Table 43?

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Ah, found it. Thanks!

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@Clarion -FL
Whites committed 68% of rapes at ~60% of the population, blacks committed 28% of rapes at ~14% of the population.

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whites are doing the raping

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deport all whites

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And you can half those population stats since its almost exclusively men.

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Does that White statistic include Hispanics as well?

2018-09-26 20:00:12 UTC  

@The Eternal Anglo , I believe it does. When I told my normie that, she was like "why?!" I asked her to think about it. She said "to make white crime look worse?" I love these little glimmers that I see .

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Whites aren’t doing the raping though because statistically black women are very unlikely to report a rape

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If someone could find that statistic that would be cool, I read it somewhere

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@Paul - MI how did y'all anchor the flag poles to the kayaks?

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@Clarion -FL Definitely makes a lot more sense, Blacks commit far more rapes than Europeans do

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Just put them in the holes in the back is all.

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They sat right in.

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@The Eternal Anglo where are the victim/perpetrator race stats found?

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@Paul - MI thanks, good to know

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@NateDahl76 the reporting of rape makes it such an unreliable crime to study. Especially because so much of it is dependent upon culture. Nonwhites expect/normalize/legitimize rape and don't report. But the stats that we could garner would be helpful to us with our normies. That's a given.

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White men treat women better than any other race of men, in other words.

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And White women expect to be treated the way White men treat them. I think that this could also explain why white women put themselves into dangerous situations with nonwhite men --women mistake that white cultural norms are "universal". Therefore, they are just as safe with a Black man as they are with a White man.

2018-09-26 20:08:18 UTC  

So much sadness could be avoided if White people spoke the truth more often.

2018-09-26 20:17:47 UTC  

If whites committed 68% and blacks 28%, that leaves only 4% for everyone else. What this tells me is that Hispanic rapes were counted towards the white figure

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Hispanics are definitely being included as "white" <:really:453005408064241674>:

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@Goose Xxctentacion thought similar... Trump curse is real?

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Shoutout to the guys still logged into the pledge hall voice chat

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>make video about hanging white children
>murdered by fellow black

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Displays quite odd priorities.

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Karma is real...and has a sense of humor.

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> French
> black