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@Reinhard Wolff could we get pics of you for sale, in front of IE flag maybe? Boost $ autographed

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Signed copies available at defend the Rockies

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@John Bud - IL Boomers wouldn't understand, of/c

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@John Bud - IL No, traps are very heterosexual

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Rule by banner painters is the best form of government

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If I’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s that planning anything with a discord server is just a bad idea.

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@Reinhard Wolff Favorite Roman Emperor? Also, how can we combat decadence in our daily loves?

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@Reinhard Wolff Have you gotten an email for a definitive date of when these shows are supposed to air? Today show,NBC?

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Venetian republic lasted a very long time

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it means OK. @lonewolf19d

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Eurosiberian Federation when?

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Wrote a good letter to President Trump and orderd a nice pic of him to send for an autograph

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@Reinhard Wolff I don’t have a question, but tonight I had the pleasure of meeting a man who used to do calligraphy. He showed me his work and one in particular stood out which I wanted to share with you. I look forward to seeing you this weekend for our action brother!

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If we go from charlemagne to Francis I then yeah

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@Alex Kolchak - NY We have it already. It's called Russia

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Holy Roman Empirer did last 1000 yes

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@Reinhard Wolff What do you think about people becoming public school teachers despite the low pay? (long march through the institutions, etc)

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Most of us are lucky that the person who dumped the UTR server didn’t have access to the IE part of that server.

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technically the empire lasted around 1.5 millennia, but heavy emphasis on the technically part

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Good night guys ! Good fireside chats, nice talking with you all

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Imperium Romanum Sacorum ad natio Theutonicorum

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The French monarchy lasted 1,000 years. The French republics fall apart every other generation

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Yeah, Venice was about 900

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Goodnight @NITRODUBS

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The Venetian Republic lasted centuries

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@Distracted nah, I mean from Atlantic to the Pacific 😄

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@Gimlet Damnit.

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Lagoon gang checking in

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Genoa lasted a while too

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Feels bad man.

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@Reinhard Wolff I agree with you.

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America was better when it was a bunch of farmers LARPing as Romans

2018-09-27 01:47:02 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff Yeah but the Roman Empire was really "diverse".

2018-09-27 01:47:07 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff "america is dead" wow, interesting vocal inflection.

2018-09-27 01:47:10 UTC  

"If America's so great, why isn't there an America 2.0?"

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@Reinhard Wolff for those who aren’t familiar, what are The Identitarian and the Guardian Program? Obviously the former sounds like a newspaper

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Ave Imperator et Dominus Barron Trump