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2018-09-27 23:14:57 UTC  

I strongly disagree

2018-09-27 23:14:59 UTC  

@Undercover Academic - IL "Ghost writers" are the second clue. You _really_ think Hillary sat down at a computer, typewriter, or w/e and wrote a several hundred page book? Nope. Someone came in, took notes from her and got comments on stuff she wanted to talk about, advisors _advised_ on how to word it, and away they went

2018-09-27 23:15:10 UTC  

I could be wrong and you can make fun of me later.

2018-09-27 23:15:10 UTC  

i think the House would impeach, Senate would deny it.

2018-09-27 23:15:11 UTC  

Lol of course not

2018-09-27 23:15:37 UTC  

Dude if the house ever impeached, republicans would lose their shit

2018-09-27 23:16:07 UTC  

It's completely unregulated and unmonitored. Mega book deals are simply laundered money.

2018-09-27 23:17:39 UTC  

Honestly, impeachment proceedings with literally no evidence could be a good thing to galvanize the right for 2020

2018-09-27 23:18:30 UTC  

They wouldn't have the numbers to actually remove Trump or Kavanaugh from office

2018-09-27 23:18:38 UTC  

I feel so bad for kavanaugh. But did anyone cat h who advised Ford to use the Katz firm?

2018-09-27 23:18:55 UTC  

Some fellow white ?

2018-09-27 23:18:56 UTC  

"Impeach Fotey Fyve!" 👩🏿

2018-09-27 23:19:16 UTC  

Her lawyer to her right looked like such a rabbi

2018-09-27 23:19:20 UTC  

European style socialist

2018-09-27 23:19:44 UTC  

Of course it was. Feinstein. And ohh yeah, they pulled that guy straight outta synagogue

2018-09-27 23:21:07 UTC  

So the probability that this whole thing originating from the tribe is off the charts.

2018-09-27 23:22:29 UTC  

i really hope he's confirmed...he is going to be relentless against the left after this character assassination.

2018-09-27 23:22:45 UTC  

@Jacob I don't think Jeff will Flake, and if so Kavanaugh will still probably be confirmed. There are Dems that are actually really under pressure to confirm. Plus 50 senators plus Pence is enough

2018-09-27 23:23:16 UTC  

Why would Democrats vote for him?

2018-09-27 23:23:22 UTC  

If this doesnt bring him to our side (or possibly farther) I'll be shocked

2018-09-27 23:23:42 UTC  

This is such a hard choice. I don't wanna miss out on those prediction market gains, but I'm also not confident that he will be confirmed.

2018-09-27 23:24:06 UTC  

I'd say chances are he will.

2018-09-27 23:24:38 UTC  

@Jacob a lot of Dem senators up for reelection in deep red States that Trump won by huge (yuge) margins

2018-09-27 23:24:52 UTC  

Heidi heitkamp

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There's a few others

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Good point

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There's just too much against the narrative. He has a calendar for that exact time for Christ's sake.

2018-09-27 23:25:25 UTC  

Another point to consider is that Jeff Flake is not up for reelecation, so he doesn't really care

2018-09-27 23:25:31 UTC  

Also murkowski has basically said in very politically correctese that she will support, also collins

2018-09-27 23:25:40 UTC  


2018-09-27 23:26:19 UTC  

Or, what was the quote, if you remember?

2018-09-27 23:26:20 UTC  

Times did a piece on Murkowski a few days ago. You have to read through their BS and just read the quote of her literal words

2018-09-27 23:28:09 UTC  

Read the quotes directly and ignore the interpretation of the NYT

2018-09-27 23:28:25 UTC  

Why the hell does Alaska have such a moderate senator?

2018-09-27 23:28:46 UTC  

the big city?

2018-09-27 23:28:47 UTC  

It's exactly the words carefully chosen by someone who wants to do some women respecting but has no problems confirming Kavanaugh so long as he doesn't blow up

2018-09-27 23:28:58 UTC  

Alaska isn't as conservative as you think. It's only like 60% white

2018-09-27 23:29:11 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Isn't their "big" city not really a big city?