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Man, Tuckah opened up a can last night:

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This is going to be a good way to start the day.

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Good morning, Identity Evropa.

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Good morning

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@NITRODUBS "It's Tyrone's criminal history, Tyrone's criminal history..."

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN The left has gone so completely insane and comitted to burning up all their political capital in a a huge bonfire that I'd bet they'll try.

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Dad's Google history
FBI crime stats by race
Dad's Google history

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Demi Lardner is a comedic genius

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Fellas I think we need a mutiny against Patrick

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Dad’s google history, it’s bloody dad’s google history
“What is per capita?”

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@fgtveassassin *Bjorn - MD warily steps back into woodwork...*

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"Nothin' to see here, folks..."

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Question: Would we call I.E a sister branch of Generation Identity?

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The Kav meltdown/lunacy by the left has begun y’all.

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We are totally independent, we have just taken some inspiration at times.

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Cool stuff, thank you man @Matthias

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Some of our people do have contacts with GI, but it's all unofficial. Like us, they're optics oriented, which makes them unlikely to endorse any group whose actions they can't control

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So do you guys and gals see a blue wave coming in November? I'm pretty skeptical to say the least.

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Funny how his signs about Iran are in English...

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@Virgil There could have been a blue wave but the Dems have over played their hand with Kavanaugh. I see them picking up 2-4 seats in the house if that.

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@TylerHess that would be good news

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I want to believe

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but how would Kavanaugh effect new Dems (non-incumbent)?

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Except just scaring people into seeing the Dems overall are unhinged

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@TylerHess I agree, the dems chucked a huge portion of their political capital into a proverbial bonfire with this whole Kav debacle. It's pretty hard to take them seriously now.

2018-09-28 14:34:22 UTC  

My theory about midterms sliding a bit in the oppositions favor is because 1. its less about the president who energized the general election and 2. less people vote so its just staunch left and right wing voters who cant be swayed as easily. Theres been mountains of papers in polisci swritten about why the coattails effect is but everyone has there own opinion.

2018-09-28 14:35:22 UTC  

However, this midterm is still about Trump, and now Kavanaugh, plus male and even some female dems are walking away in disgust, and its possible that moderate normies will be showing up to the polls too

2018-09-28 14:36:18 UTC  

So this mideterm election is more of a presidential election.

2018-09-28 14:37:58 UTC  

Is that good or bad? Trump just barely won the pres. election

2018-09-28 14:40:46 UTC  

Its both. One on hand the spotlight is squarely on him and his agenda for good and ill. On the other, there isnt some nuttcase like Hillary running against him that makes normies and right wingers alike recoil in disgust. However, the absolute insanity of the last year is a viable substitute for the disgust factor of an opposition candidate.

2018-09-28 14:42:08 UTC  

This midterm is basically about the Wall, Kavanaugh and Trump being lawfared by the FBI

2018-09-28 14:44:26 UTC  

The party in the white house loses the midterms. That's been the case for decades. That said, most of the senators up for reelection are democrats. I see dems gaining maybe 20 seats the House and Rs gaining a seat or two in the Senate

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I made this one