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2018-09-28 17:15:20 UTC  

@NateDahl76 >they aren't feds

2018-09-28 17:16:04 UTC  

They also have zero standards when it comes to physical fitness. Some of them are definitely feds, since they’re probably on terrorist watch lists just like “black identity extremists”

2018-09-28 17:16:36 UTC  

The feds hate them because they frequently threaten violence against feds and police

2018-09-28 17:17:46 UTC  

@NateDahl76 It's always hard to know what's going on, and who's who. They could well incite violence themselves in order to encourage people in the greater movement to entrap themselves by doing so.

2018-09-28 17:17:55 UTC  

Heh. EnTRAP.

2018-09-28 17:18:21 UTC  

@Goose Capitol Hill.

2018-09-28 17:19:05 UTC  

@Goose I'm sure they'll find the furthest, darkest corner of the campus to put him back up in. 😒

2018-09-28 17:19:06 UTC  

Looking into some militaristic commie orgs like Redneck Revolt and others... they have weapons, that's always dangerous, but they're extremely unhealthy, disorganised, and live more of a fantasy than anything else

2018-09-28 17:19:32 UTC  

Revolutionary LARPers

2018-09-28 17:19:48 UTC  

Is everyone ready for the Kavanaugh salt mine to open for business?

2018-09-28 17:20:08 UTC  

@The Eternal Anglo True but they likely have decent financial backing from Soros and company

2018-09-28 17:20:17 UTC  

people should write to the email address that they want it restored and that the law dictates they do so

2018-09-28 17:20:43 UTC  

fun fact: dwayne dixon of redneck revolt teachers at UNC chapel hill

2018-09-28 17:20:54 UTC

2018-09-28 17:21:05 UTC  

An actual picture of two RR guys

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2018-09-28 17:21:32 UTC  

Plus half of them are women

2018-09-28 17:21:56 UTC  

Honestly, going back to formal politics, I'm kind of curious as to whether neoliberal Democrats and Republicucks are going to eventually draw the conclusion that their respective parties aren't coming back to them, and form a "BAISTE" centrist Fifth Column Party.

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@ThisIsChris Donnelly is voting no

2018-09-28 17:23:14 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Sorry. Forgot scare quotes.

2018-09-28 17:23:15 UTC  

ah well

2018-09-28 17:23:19 UTC  

well we tried solving the divisivness years ago but nooooooooooooooo

2018-09-28 17:23:46 UTC  

are we still on track for 55? assuming all Rs?

2018-09-28 17:23:51 UTC  

@Goose Solving the divisiveness was always gonna involve a lot of plane tickets, muh dude.

2018-09-28 17:24:06 UTC  

Too much money to be had in the two-party system for the career politicians to give up, to be honest my guy

2018-09-28 17:24:17 UTC  

We need at least two of these: Murkowski, Collins, Manchin, Heitkamp

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2018-09-28 17:25:19 UTC  

Then we'll have 50

2018-09-28 17:25:21 UTC  

@The Eternal Anglo Yeah. Too much to hope for...

2018-09-28 17:25:21 UTC  

I think

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2018-09-28 17:26:21 UTC  

So all Rs plus the two dems in that list would be 53

2018-09-28 17:26:48 UTC  

47 normie Republicans, plus Flake, Corker, Murkowski, and Collins

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2018-09-28 17:27:03 UTC  

once we have the capital, we should start a fund for 1-way tickets back to their homeland (and they have to give up citizenship)

2018-09-28 17:27:04 UTC  

and Flake and Corker are in

2018-09-28 17:27:14 UTC  

so 49 guaranteed

2018-09-28 17:27:21 UTC  

and Pence...